Thursday, September 17, 2009

it's time..

blog died for the past week or two. as usual my internet bandwidth would usually exceed before it's renewal date. plus the fact that i'm a little busy..

so before i get even busier i think i should pen down a few words.

september..omg i cannot believe it's already my birthday month. one year after another, it passes so quick. at times i lost count of the date, or even month. why do i feel like i'm lagging behind time. what have i been doing all these while? don't know.

what will i be doing on the 17th september 2010? 2011? 2012? don't know.

my life so full of unknowns. uncertainty. yours too, maybe.

what i'm certain for now is that, i'll be pulling my own hair over the next few weeks or so thinking hard how to complete my assignment plus how to get the best grade i can for my upcoming tests. i think i pretty much screwed up all my mid semesters'. this is well the consequence of not taking mid sem tests seriously. like seeeeeeriousssssssly.

forget that.

anyway, september is suppose to be my happiest month isn't it? since it's my birthday. haha don't ask me where did i get this theory from but anyway it's only partially true for me.. it's when most people remember that you exist even.
i think i've yet to thank those who wished me. so thank you so much !!! <3

what else what else.

owh. we've got a visitor here in melbourne with us. unfortunately i don't have pictures to post it up. i shall ask for the pictures soon then. she's madly in love with melbourne's Fredo durian ice-cream. you just have to watch her expression when she first tasted the durian ice cream. it's just terribly hilarious.

it's getting really late and i think i need some sleep. my foot is drivin me crazy. did i tell you i sprained my ankle real bad few days back. it sort of recovered but somehow it's starting to hurt again. am i old or what -__-'

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