Tuesday, March 31, 2009

for a moment.

i almost forgot my blog exist. even my life. no..no, not so serious. it's just that i can feel the negative energy all around me? i cannot find a solid reason why i feel so empty these days. come on..give me some positive chi.

absolute boredom.

the typical uni student ramblings on assignments. study. bla bla bla...

holy crap i was having trouble understanding foreign exchange can you believe it. seriously my brains are so rotten. it sounded so confusing to me when it's actually not. and i have this group work thingy tomorrow in which i still have no freaking idea how things work though all i know is that some of us have to act as a bank/financial institution or broker and the rest have to act a corporations. then have to do some foreign exchange activities. hopefully i don't mess things up.
this activity lasts for 4 freaking weeks can you believe it? i really don't understand why we need 4 weeks for this thing. obviously it's not just some random stupid activity because in the end we need to produce a freaking report; of course which is suppose to be our major assignment. T.T

macro2 tutorial tomorrow and i've yet to even look at the damn questions. not entirely my fault. the uni website is freaking down. i can't open a shit. damn. tutor's going to go around asking questions again and i'll probably have to look at him with teary sparkly eyes. only joking...hahaha.


this f.tard laptop is driving me crazy. my room is not peaceful anymore. i still haven't find out which part of it is sick. seriously i don't even know if it's sick or just breathing heavily. can't be bothered until it dies on me. at least it's not laggy if not....hmmph...!

anyway. need to do some reading before i have a good night rest.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

IT experts? Computer technicians??

OMG my Vaio is flying me to the outer space!


seriously the noise it's making is like...it's preparing for a take off to outer space or something. whyy...whyyy do you have to torture me like that...

i love you so much Vaio baby.. why can't you reciprocate my kindness for treating you so nicely. i put you to sleep when i don't need you. i never stuff unnecessary files into your brains. i clean you often. i do medical check up on you so frequent to make sure no virus attacks you.

what to do now? you want me to abandon you? i wish i could but i can't...i still love you.


so annoying!

Thursday, March 19, 2009



life is getting soooo sooooooo dull that i've no words to describe it. really.

sigh...even yesterday's night out for a movie doesn't really convince me that i'm having a good time. i think i must be having PMS or something. damn it.

the fact that bores me most is going to lecture sitting there and trying to be as attentive as possible. argh...i miss a point and there goes another piece of important information...

wait that's not the most boring part. the thing is...i have breaks in between my lecture, and and i don't even have someone to go for a drink with me. no that's still not the point.

i think i dearly miss someone.

재연?! where're you? i really want to hear from you. so far i only got one freaking e-mail from you since you're back in kor. it's so disheartening to not get any replies.

you know how it feels when someone doesn't reply you or seems to be lost in space and you felt so out of touch. ergh. i hate that feeling really.

okay enough of my little complaints.

oh my gosh did i tell you how many things i've to study this semester. really i think i will go crazy once my assignments come flowing in. in which i really hope assignments don't exist. even without them i'm struggling already. seriously i've been reading almost everyday to the point that i don't even know which one to read first. damn...so so much to read...so little time. it's mostly words for Macro2 and Fin. Markets....so that part really scares the shit out of me. i mean shitloads of them. yes i am more of a wordy type of person than a numbery one but but i'm not THAT wordy. holy shit...this is going to be hell...

anyway. it's already 2 am...time to roll on the bed.

good night.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

sorry sorry..

ahh. finally some noise from me yea? told you my internet died for a week or so. T.T sad case here. it's so sucky to have quota on your internet usage. it's totally insane. but well...that's the way it is.

am telling you my life ain't that interesting these days. really. didn't even bother much to go out. not even for a walk or something..

stuck at home. i think i've not been eating out for quite some time already. yes! i'm cooking at home. me cooking. can you believe it? at least i didn't make a mess from cooking dinner. unlike someone in my house. wahahaha. what if she sees this...who cares i'm going to tell the whole world anyway. AHAHAH...it's nothing funny really, in fact it was pretty serious.

the stories begins with...

grilling/roasting? whatever you call it when you put chicken inside the oven.

my housemate, let's call her D. i will skipped some unnecessary part though..

so so, D went and check on her chicken wings in the oven. she opened the oven door *smokes come blowing out from the oven*

of course the first thing i did was dashing from the living room to close the room doors before it start stinking the rooms. though i know chicken wings smells good when it's cooked.

*beep beep beep....* smoke detector in the unit started ringing. okay fine. knew that was going to happen anyway cuz of the smoke. just poke the damn thing and it's off already.

now it was very stupid of me thinking of ways to not make the whole unit smells like some burnt chicken wings. so...i went and open the front door hoping the smell will go. that's when everything went wrong. the smoke detector OUTSIDE our unit actually detected smoke and alarm went off. the worst part is....we ALL have to evacuate. when i meant evacuate i mean the whole holy apartment has to evacuate. how interesting yes? we actually caused trouble.

to cut a long story short. me and D ran down to the backlane of our apartment through the emergency stairs. and we were in pyjamas. -__-' worst part was. i was in bedroom shoes..which is a big fluffy plush shoes. damn it.
i was too panic yes although i knew there isn't any real fire.

even before reaching the backlane i already heard fire brigade cars rushing from God knows where. hah! 2-3 fire brigade cars came flying to the front of our apartment. hell no. this isn't happening but hell yes it was true. all within 3 minutes fire brigades were ready in front of the apartment. holy.shit.

they were way too efficient.

okay. both of us sat at the sidelane waiting for them to disperse.

we tried going back up to our unit. but to our horror we saw humans in front of our unit. we can't be bothered what are they doing in front of our unit. we just ran back down again. luckily everything seems to be in peace after a while...so...we quietly sneak back into our unit. fuhhh..

*cold sweat*

i don't know whether i'll be getting a penalty soon or will they just forget it. cuz i heard the damn penalty for causing a false alarm is freaking aud2000~!!!! are you freaking kidding me? hell..

anyway just pray hard alright.

okay now. i'm tired of typing.

before i sign off.

a congratulatory note for Sik Sik~! I am and we are all proud of you ! 4 As wey...dont play play. wahahahah . i will be back for a big meal ... please wait for me!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it's a new chapter.

Finally, uni starts. it's not as exciting as i thought it would be. and and just by looking at my textbooks gave me a scary feeling as though i'm not going to survive this semester. DAMN. *touch wood ! touch wood*

i saw my Quantitative analysis textbook and i almost fainted. it reminds me so much of my form 5 additional maths and ausmat applicable maths. i think i better be prepared. you know how i suck in maths yea? plus plus..i have two more finance subjects this semester. how can i not be as good as dead? @.@

anyway. all i can do now i pray hard and well...study hard? ergh...wtf. study hard. i know you're having doubts with me. HAHAHA!

guess what. internet is as slow as slowpoke. thanks to me, i reckon for mugging on youtube almost 24/7 >.<>

i guess i wouldn't have the time to read novels anymore after this. which is rather sad. but i have to read Angels & Demons before it airs in the cinema which is pretty soon i reckon? i'm sure most of you have already read that but yeah, i've not. T.T

ahhh...rainy day today. pretty cold as well. did i tell you something embarassing? told you i went to grab some textbooks yea. was walking happily with my housemate and all of a sudden..i stopped, so did my housemate who was slightly ahead of me. i gasped! she turned behind towards me and gasped!
'Shit..' I said, very softly.

haha guess what. someone in front was wearing the same jacket as me! i almost killed myself. hahaha. plus...the hair colour is so similar with mine, my housemate said she was shocked and confused for a moment. all of a sudden there's a clone of me. plus the height and all. @.@ i didn't bother to look at her face though but i reckon i'm still better looking. HAHAHA. only joking.

it was too near and i cannot let this continue. therefore i took off my jacket and mind you it was pretty chilly and windy. damn it. problem is, it's not normal jacket like plain coloured ones. it has got rabbit prints on it and and striped hoodie! okay i don't know how you can imagine it but yeah it's too obvious to be wearing the same one on the streets like that.

should this be a reason or excuse for me to get a new jacket/sweater? hell YES!


now now...these days i'm very fond of looking at cars. nice cars i mean. no..super cars i mean. i saw this Lamborghini Murcielago parked near docklands and i was like so so so in love with it.

i think i need to interview these people on how they get their hands on one of these cars. amazing.

ahh i think it has been a pretty long post. oh and i can hear my bed calling for me. afternoon nap time.