Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ya Tuhanku...

have you ever felt like burning your assignment question paper? like seriously.

you know how it feels when;

sometimes when you have tonnes of shit to write on your assignment that you are so worried you will exceed the word limit. there you have to think what shit to write what shit not to. then you start ripping out all your hardwork; word by word, line by line, paragraph by paragraph. how heartbreaking is that.
(then in the end the lecturer/tutor tells you exceeding word limit is not a problem at all when you hand your assignments in. now what? cry and drop dead? no you move on. -_-)
but of course there are some lecturers who meant what they say by word limit. so which ones do you prefer? the ones who doesn't care whether you exceed or not. or those who are firm?

sometimes. you want to do an assignment. but you just cannot ooze a shit out.

the latter one is of my concern now. swear to God i cannot think of a tiny piece of shit.

doomed. how doom.

utterly frustrating.

anyway, those in Aussie land, keep yourselves warm.
those in M'sia, embrace the heat?


good night.

Monday, April 27, 2009

fast & furious~

just came back from a movie and felt like blogging. so i blog.

watched Fast & Furious 4; and the main reason i've been longing to watch is of dbsk's historical song; rising sun is set as the background music for...approximately 20 seconds?!?!?! hell...hahaha. yes just because of the 20 seconds made me want to watch the movie! you must be wondering if i'm mad or whatever but if you think you know me then you should know what kind of fangirl i am. @.@

right now to something more serious. i'm sure you're very well aware of this Swine Flu outbreak thingy which started in Mexico. and now basically everywhere is on alert. okay what if i'm being put into quarantine after this post. that would be real shitty. but anyhow, yes I think i'm down with flu. i mean not yet but i can feel it coming. it has been quite a while(last time was when i was in M'sia) since i last had runny nose. okay now that doesn't sound very 'quite a while' to you does it?? but to me it is, because my 'runny-nose' used to be an avid follower of me before i came over to Aust and i mean it.... T_T

so now. anyone wants to put me in a quarantine box and lock me up? T_T
jokes aside before you really dump me in a quarantine box. uhhh i'm scared.
well the thing is yesterday was really cold. today as well. and the days to come. it's just so sudden. the temperature sure did drop a lot below average. as much as i love the cold chilly weather..i totally dislike the fact that i caught a cold. at least i believed i did because of this wet and cold weather.


fuh..luckily my post wasn't perished in the explosion. okay i exaggerated a little. but just to brief you on what happened a few minutes ago. there was a MINOR explosion in the room next to me. yes my housemates's room. he claimed that he didn't do anything to the adapter and it just exploded 2 inches off his feet. aish...too bad he didn't get burnt get free hair removal when burnt. oh i'm evil. yeah whatever...haha. so so...his adapter 'exploded' and all of a sudden my room became dark..because the electicity current automatically shuts itself off. i was basically screaming away what the fuck just happened. the morale of the story is never use cheap-ass adapters or any form of electrical appliances. -_-'
where was i before?'s time to dig out my winter clothes i reckon. long sleeves. check. coats. check. boots. check. hah! boots! i just bought a goddamn boots...weehehe. the one i mentioned in my previous post. it's just so cute, yes the buttons on the boots..i totally love the buttons

uh. my nose..i need to stop them.

i guess i have to pen off now.

updates, later.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


i can't stop eating junk!

my compulsive-junk-eating disorder is seriously driving me up and down. haha. i just cannot stop stealing chocolate from my housemate and i think i'm going to get kicked out from the house real soon. hahahah! well only joking. nobody would have the heart to kick me out from the house. ^^

Anzac day today. makes me feel like gettin Anzac biscuits to eat. it has been a while since i bought them from Coles supermart. that's like the only biscuit i love. so why hasn't i been getting them? okay. the last time i bought it...fuck that shit. it was not-crunchy! as it should be. you know how biscuits when left open and not put them in airtight container? soggy? i don't know how it turned out like that when the package wasn't open. plus that day i was absolutely starving near midnight time. thought of having a nice midnight bite but turned out... sigh...ended up throwing the whole pack away. wtf. since then i stopped buying them. but probably i'll start getting them again.

was suppose to head out to the market early morning today but noone's going to open for me today since it's Anzac day. argh. it has been a while since i last 'cook'. pretty busy for the past week. assignments..mid sem tests..bla bla. oh my god..i seriously have to pray hard i don't screw my Macro2 up. so so worried. i've been spending my entire week focussing on that and i've basically neglected my QA assignment till the veryyyyy last minute.

bad time management. i know right. as always. but the thing is..i haven't been wasting time as much as i used to. the only thing is i tend to just focus on one subject most of the time.

i think weather's heading for a cool change. i can feel it's getting cold..well this year's autumn is considered pretty warm as compared to last years. no? i'm still thinking whether i should get a heater or not. and i'm considering buying a pair of boots from ugg. but...sigh don't know whether i should or not.

ergh, feeling a bit sleepy now. don't feel like taking nap though. probably i should just go have coffee break.

updates, later.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holidays. not.

I reckon everyone enjoyed their Easter week yeah? or a long weekend for those in M'sia?

Mine was just plain boring. Stuck at home 90% of the time. like seriously. The thing is I have to lock myself in the room because, I have a gazillion assignments waiting for me. and Mid Sem tests coming up as well. All of a sudden i can feel the burden. Was feeling pretty relaxed before this really. The result from procrastinating maybe. I so deserve it right? i cannot deny that too.

anyhow had some great fun on Monday was it? if i'm not mistaken it was monday. ahh. Ice skating. It was such a random idea that me and my freak friends suddenly decided to go ice skating, that shows how bored we were. 3 hours in the ice rink. can u believe it? do you know how painful my body was after all that? in fact i'm still feeling the after effects. i thought i needed a wheelchair yesterday and this morning as well. it's getting slightly better though.

not to be mean or anything but the freakos fell countless times. of course i did, only twice..but it wouldn't have happened if i wasn't being pulled. one was accident another ..sigh someone purposely make me lose balance by pulling my jacket, dirty tricks.. how sick can people be huh? jealous cuz i never fell on my own? hah!

so..there goes my holidays..

oh hell. my head has been throbbing since yesterday afternoon. it keeps coming back and it's crazy annoying.
probably there're just too many things in my mind now.

i think i should sign off now.

updates, soon.