Saturday, December 4, 2010

sometimes when asked of what sports do i play. i have to pause for a little while to think what sports in the world can i actually do. alright ten years ago, seriously i'll just say badminton without hesitation. now, i don't think i can even hold a badminton racquet right. five years ago i would say swimming. now, i bet i can still say swimming but unfortunately it is not something i do very often now so obviously everything goes really awkward after being on a long hiatus. i need to start getting active seriously. i feel like i'm going to die real young. *touch wood!* plus i sit in front of the computer for far too long. this is abnormal and it's really bad. i know.

so 2 weeks ago? i went snorkeling with nsa and kcm. YAY for that~! where was it? see when things are overdue you just have to think real hard to retrieve the information. oh..Queenscliff that is. had a short drive there from Melb CBD.

the awesome one! weehehehehe....

well, it wasn't that short in fact we were running a little late..lucky enough the boat didn't leave us behind! kidding~ i mean the preparation before getting on the boat is rather tedious. have to try on jumpsuit, flippers (omg kcm and I needed kid-sized flippers..! yay to small feet =.=") and for me, prescriptive goggles. hah!

front deck of the boat! so awesomeeee~

they left me struggling for minutes to grab the snorkel gears. (ㅠ.ㅠ) you know the boat is rocking, I'm not tall plus it was stuck.

getting in the water at first was really. oh. my. gosh. it was cold. and i was so uncomfortable with the damn flippers. i don't know how to swim with it. i lost my flexibility to move and turn around. it doesn't help going against the water current. it felt more like a burden for the first ten minutes at least. but it was alright after that. fuhhh~

first stop was at this Popes Eye (don't ask me what's with the name i don't know?) shallow marine park. it's almost like a horse-shoe-shaped-fortress. well it wasn't that shallow but hell, it smells like hell. i just hope hell doesn't smell like that. HAHAHA. holy crap i don't even know what's with the strong smell.'s okay. once the snorkel gear is on, we breathe through the mouth. alright..doesn't sound too pleasant but still. you sort of forget the fact that the smell is there, just because you're now breathing through your mouth, it's all good. relax. anyway, all i see in this marine park was..seaweed/kelps/algae?! whatever you call them. loads. tonnes of them. it's like a forest of kelps? good dose of iodine there i guess. honestly i wasn't paying much attention to the fishes, the kelps were so distracting i feel like chopping them off...i don't know? sorry but I absolutely cannot identify some of the pretty fishes. that's a shame.

Next! please embrace yourselves for another stinky as hell destination; Chinaman's Hat. ah..should have took pictures here, why didn't I? i must be so overwhelmed by the smell. sorry my lovely fur seals, i really wanted to take pictures of you bunch, but you smell so bad i just totally forgot about the existence of my camera at that time. for my reader's sake. bear with me because I'll then have to pick a picture from Google to show you what in the world Chinaman's Hat is.

best picture from Google of Chinaman's Hat @ Port Philip. I really would love to say I love love love swimming with them but..that's not particularly the case because i totally almost peed in my wetsuit when one swam right beneath me at a distance of no more than 5 meters i swear. you know, i love animals alright. but the thing is when I'm this close I don't feel good because it's like me trespassing their territory and I know they have every right to bite/nose punch/fin slap/kill or do whatever they want to me. like it or not, there it was in the news just few days ago these seals bit the crap out of some tourists. but anyway, it was quite an experience..!

now on our way to meet and greet the dolphins! it was quite a journey so we tried out some random activity. nsa tried it out first because we both were reluctant to go.

but we tried it after much persuasion. HAHAHA. we're totally nuts. it was good, it feels like a massive bubbly water spa. Then after that was the interesting part, yet the most torturous part. i'm not going to elaborate further because i don't know how to describe the 'process' of being pulled by a boat-having to hold on tight to a bloody rope as if my life will perish if i accidentally let my hands slip off the rope. great. later that night. my arms were totally oh crap, even words cannot describe how intense the pain was. not exaggerating. anyway back to the dolphins..

oh my god, why are they so cute?! why are they so sleek?! so graceful. so intelligent. so joyful. so free. impressively beautiful mammals..please give them much love.

'The Wildlife of today is not ours to dispose of as we please. We have it in trust, and must account for it to those who come after'
-King George VI of England.

i guess i did well for tonight's post. it's 2.15 am and i shall really hop onto my bed.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

oh i'm back!

I've no reason, not to update my blog. i have all the time in the world now. great. so i will do that.

maybe i should update a little on my Sydney trip~! (i know this is way overdue but ... )

don't you get all excited traveling with friends seriously. somehow the idea just makes me happy. alright I'm crazy. anyway..I'm not going to go all wordy here because i think i should just caption some pictures instead.

as much as i thought darling harbour does have some resemblance to the southbank promenade in melbourne. something is really missing along the southbank promenade; Hurricane's Grill~! HAHAHA..seriously the thought of it makes me salivate .. and that's why i decided not to post picture of the ribs itself here. not a good idea huh... :P

George St. it's a pity we didn't spend much time strolling along this major street of Sydney..most of the time we just walked right across the street trying to get to somewhere. trying to catch the bus. trying to get to darling harbour. etc etc..but anyway, shopping wasn't on our priority list during the yeah that explains it.

so here's an incident. we (or maybe it was just me..) wanted to go whale watching. so bad. alright. and we were pretty late after lunch. the only option was to get on a speed boat. in fact we were quite indifferent whether we should go whale watching on a damn speed boat after a full on lunch. i mean seriously. but anyhow, we got unlucky, one of the two engine broke down,'s not safe to travel on just one engine for a speed boat it seems. fine. after some discussion, we thought we might return the next morning on a larger boat this we eventually did, which is good. i mean i thought we were going to abandon the plan to whale see, my friends aren't as excited as i was about the whole whale watch thing. i probably think they took pity on me and went with it anyway. so yeah. HAHAHA. ah no, that shouldn't be the case...because we didn't have much left to do anyway. let's just keep it that way..

so, what was my whale watching experience like? first sighting, i only got to see water blowing out from the blowhole. second sighting, i saw the fluke but it was goddamn FAR. few random sightings where whales were just swimming close to the surface but nothing like WOW-OMG-WOW-OMG, nothing of that sort... you get the point. plus it wasn't anywhere near...also it wasn't particularly pleasant towards the end honestly because i got extremely seasick at one point i almost died. never in my life have i been seasick, so this is my first experience. i've always wondered how in the world people get seasick when it's so freaking fun with the boat rocking left right front back. it's like a swing. just on water....alright in my face. people do get seasick. real bad. HAHA. my friend, call her Pav, she actually puked ten times. not even joking. oh crap. little did I know i was the next one. not as serious but still it was hell on water. i was sitting down and suddenly i just need to collapse on someone, so i just leaned against dd. sometimes you just think it can't happen to me but you know, it does. anyway i felt better when i'm back on solid ground. my legs went all wobbly and jelly-like. got much better after having a meal in ChinaTown..yes i still can eat after being so sick. i must be a fat ass. no doubt.

who goes to sydney without having a good look at the Sydney Opera House? well, as majestic as it looks. i wish they can scrub clean the opera house to make it look a little's definitely not as pretty up close. sorry but it's just a thought...HAHA

was trying hard to selca (self cam) using dslr. it's not easy. sigh as much as i think having to carry a dslr is quite fun, but you know when you have to be out the whole day and already tire from all the walking talking carrying clicking whatever it drains and consumes at least part of my energy having to carry an extra 0.5kg. but I'm not going to abandon it just yet. hopefully? ^^""

oh my God. i love decent breakfasts. that was from a cafe, near Manly beach..hmm the crispy bacon!! *screams*
ah...i need to get my ass out here in melbourne for some breakfast. maybe i'll do it tomorrow. yay!

i'm sorry readers but because this is such an overdue post i totally have no idea about the sequence of events which took place. yeah that's what happens when you delay posts.

so yeah it's just a mini post on my Sydney trip. those are just bits and pieces from my trip and i just randomly picked some pictures and work with it. but at least something. i might be the worst blogger out there but you know, i like working at my own pace *winks* (just trying to cover up my laziness...)

please wait for my next post. dolphins watching this time! now this is going to be fun... :D

have a lovely evening everyone.

Friday, October 15, 2010

2 AM.

and i feel like there's a need for pancake.

I saw a coupon in MX newspaper this evening and saw a 35% Borders coupon for children's book. suddenly I remembered this wordless book-pancake for breakfast. I browsed through once in borders before and found it really interesting how you can totally understand what's going on without the need for words. in fact it's up to your imagination and interpretation as to what exactly is going on. \(^.^)/

my concentration power is at its worst.

good night world.

let me try to keep this blog alive.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

i lost passion.

it's sad because i used to love blogging. seems like my passion for it is dying. or died i don't know. i will try to revive my blog.

end of the semester already. how quickly time passes i don't know. i'm extremely unprepared. unprepared for what?! e.v.e.r.y.s.i.n.g.l.e.s.h.i.t that's flying right towards my face. i can already smell it. there you go...imagine the smell. the sight. whatever..disgusting i know but that explains it.

i honestly never really want to complain my life sucks. because i know that's not fair. i know somewhere, near or far. there are people who're having far worse problems than i do. correct? plus people around me usually smile at me and say..ahhh 'eunice your life is so awesome..' and so i go like 'yeahhh right heeeheehehehe...' as contradicting as it sounds but yea my life is not THAT bad, but it's not that awesome. really.

alright, i think i sound a little emotional here....take a deep breathe and *fuhhhh~*

what am i up to these days...? it's my final semester, i am keeping myself slightly busy. just slightly. ah, why do i choose to do that only in my final semester.

as much as i hate exams and assignments. i really want to stop the time. or rewind time.
as much as i am excited to graduate i still want to rewind time. omg why am i such an ass i don't know. fucksake. i'm already 21 but i cannot behave or think like one. (ㅠ.ㅠ)

let's jump to another topic.

dear jaejoong, dear JYJ. why...why in the world do you have to go to Malaysia when I am NOT THERE. you just have to make my life even more miserable...

oh nonono. this is too distracting. i need to bloody get back to my work.

i have millions of journals to read or i'm never going to finish my literature review. fml.

another thing. oh my lord. it's not even winter anymore, weather's getting warmer (i even wake up sweating sometimes). weird enough, i have to lift myself up in the morning like i have to lift 13500 tonnes of metal. yeah that's the weight of the world's largest digging machine. don't believe me? go google.

how great. someone explain to me. why.

Monday, August 9, 2010

i know i know...

you probably thought i'm never going to update this page ever again.

you might be right afterall.

i'm just here to say.

IT'S uni WEEK 4 already~!

and i have an essay and an abstract due by end of week 5. nope. not even a single preparation done. good work. great. awesome.
okay that's not it. i have more to do. presentation in week 6. weekly readings. bla bla bla..

i need to get my priorities right now. trying to list down my to-do lists on an A4 paper and blue -tack it on the toilet wall. ok no. just my room wall please.


this is not good.

Friday, May 28, 2010

a bit exhausted.

working on my final assignment for the semester but i just can't seem to progress as quickly as i would love to.

it's the final week of uni already~ study break officially starts for me. oh wait. not officially but semi official i guess because i still have an assignment due monday. damn...everyone's busy studying and i'm still stuck in my own world. that's...not exactly a good news.

i've been sleeping really late these days that i think it's extremely unhealthy. sometimes i just stay up for nothing(of course i'm suppose to be either studying or doing assignment,sometimes i can't help but do random things) and it's really hard to drag myself up in the morning. i need a little self control. sigh...what can technology do to a person. sigh.

been spending more time in the library than ever for the past few days. i guess this routine will continue till i finish my final exams. but i'm so tired i just drop dead in the library. i want to study at home but i just cannot. oh and my laptop is giving me major problem as well. it's just distracting the hell out of me with its massive vibration and noise. i want to turn it off. but how am i suppose to work on my assignments then?!?!

i shall not waste your time further. as well as mine.

i want to go winter shopping! i desperately need a decent jacket. i've been eye-ing on one. :P

good night world.

Friday, May 14, 2010

it's getting cold.

winter air.

i can feel the coldness piercing through my skin straight into my bones. okay now that's exaggerated but hey!

life..can't get anymore boring than this. (=.=||)

and some people just do not have a sense of urgency i don't understand why. but i'm no psychologist so i need not know why. it can be frustrating ...*deep sigh* chill. it's ok. or it's going to be ok.

one more month! till my finals....excited?? oh hell...i'm not even 0.01 % ready. more month...relax please. but by the time i finish all my assignments i only have 9 days. that's like a week?! no i will not torture myself like this. i better start managing my time well. hmmph!

oh found a really cute image online day before..omg it's super cute maybe i should share it.


okay now don't ask me what the hell are the two conversing because i don't know?!?!
HAHA. it probably goes like this??
stone: i'm scared?? you go~
nut: have some courage!!
but anyway it doesn't matter, i just thought they're cute.

i really shouldn't be blogging. but i cannot bear to see my blog as dead as the deserts of Sahara..uhh..(o.O|).???!! does it even make sense?? omg what am i talking about...

okay back to assignments.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

irresponsible blogger i am.

i'm such an asss~ yes i completely abandoned my blog for A MONTH.
i can't believe it too. a month doesn't feel like a month really. it feels like, it feels like..a minute? ah stop exaggerating already.

but i mean seriously.

i think i lost the passion for blogging because my life is totally.. pffft. it's just bored-to-the-max and the last thing i want is to drag you into the water. i don't want to invite you into my boring little life here.

not complaining! i'm just saying...there really isn't much happening right now except for the usual uni-home-uni routine.

i just had two mid semesters test during the week. i still have one more to go in week 9. damn. i have both presentation and test in the same week. that's not good~

i'm trying hard NOT to delay my work here. i know procrastination is probably one of my best skills..oh wait. is that even a skill. ZZZzzz.. i'm trying to read read read as many articles as i can and finish up the reading logs for the articles. and also trying to gather up some information for my presentation. oh anyone here who is an anime-freak? because i'm doing research on how Anime has gained its exposure in the West and how it has brought in Asian cultures into the West. So, any ideas at all? Don't ask me why is that my topic because no, i am not a fan of Anime but i guess my partner is so i'll try to do whatever i can.

my friends often ask me, do i regret taking up Modern Asia as my elective? because they usually see me with a pile of readings which are totally unrelated to my course.
Well, sigh...i can't regret now can i? thing is, it really is an interesting subject..and the pressure i have for this elective is very different than the pressure i feel for my core subject. on the other hand it waste wayyyy too much of my time. but i guess i have to blame myself for the delays.

articles, articles and more articles~ @.@

uni's off on monday. it's Anzac day...fuh~ extended weekend. great.

feeling weak this days. and i mean physically weak. i wake up and felt like the world's spinning round and round. i guess i'm having a bit of vertigo. damn. that sounds scary. but it comes and go...


i shall sign off now.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i guess it's time for a little updates from me.

had a good weekend last week. friday-korean bbq. oh so perfecto. can't resist bbq with a few cups of lemon 막걸리 ('Makgeolli' - rice wine). okay minus the lemon part because i thought it was tad sour with the lemon. ><" but since it was not a cold day i guess lemon does refresh a little.

saturday. beach.

i think Carrum beach is really awesome.

glad i didn't turn down the beach outing. i think i had fun even though i thought i was about to melt like the jelly in the picture above. and i think i learnt something new. The jelly thing is not a jellyfish anyway it's an eggsack of a sand snail. it took me so long to google what on earth is that alien shit because i don't know how am i suppose to describe it. fascinating isn't it? though it may look a little gross but it's completely different when it's in the water. it gives out an orangy glow in the water.

what did i do on sunday?

oh! i had lemon chicken on sunday. ZZZzzzz.......................... @.@

and so that was my lovely weekend.

Classes on weekdays so there really isn't much going on.

busy days ahead i guess. the word 'assignment' sometimes really...and the thing is sometimes you just don't realize how the due date is drawing closer and closer. and it's already week 4 now.

alright. i need to take a short nap.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

hail storm 06.03.10!

I've never felt how harsh the nature can sometimes be. for a moment i really thought all these hype about 2012 might be real afterall. but I still have faith that we will live beyond that. way beyond that.

afternoon around 2 pm, I wanted a cup of coffee so bad. i looked at the sky and it was cloudy but not to the point that it might rain, at least not for the next hour or so. There I went out to grab a cup of coffee, out from Hudsons and hmmmph, the sky's changing real quick; it was slightly darker.

So I sat my ass back in front of my computer, I haven't even finish my half cup of coffee and I heard some noise as if something was hitting the window but I can't be bothered thinking it was just the usual hail. Seconds later I heard extremely loud noises; it was like hundreds of golf balls hitting against the window and I started to panic. By then I could only see pieces of ice balls hitting against the window, everything else was blur. ㅠ.ㅠ trust me I was shaking because I don't know what to do if the window breaks. thank god it only lasted for 10 minutes but it felt longer than that probably because I got so panic. plus no one's at home. housemates were stuck outside and weren't allowed to leave the mall at all.

outside the window after hail. (oh FYI the apartment is structured as if it's sitting on a roof that's why these shitballs can accumulate outside the window)

Ice starts to melt's weird to see this in melbourne. it looked as if it snowed or something but obviously those are not snow =.=

oh chilli plant. completely screwed. HAHAHA. I guess it's not dead yet though but it looks pathetic now.

if you walk on the streets of Melbourne now, it's pretty horrible.

well despite the weather warnings I still went out for dinner. had a pretty decent dinner at Number 8 in Crowns. lovely dessert no doubt.

hope it's going to be a fine Sunday.

now time for me to hop on to bed.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

and so.. has been a week.

and i haven't been doing anything productive except going back to uni to settle some enrolment shit. other than that...

i spent most of my time doing the above. sit and chill while watching some drama.

and also indulging myself in a few books. in which i must finish them before i get too busy when uni starts. oh god. i can totally imagine how this semester is going to be. reading the course guides gives me a sense of fear.

anyway i'm currently reading this. it's a funny book though. not funny in a weird way but funny as in it's funny. does it make sense. not really huh..shit what am i saying. but whatever it's a good read.

on the not-so-bright-side of my life. our washing machine broke down and since it's going to cost a life (yes we even had a repairman coming over to evaluate and so we knew the estimated cost of repair). so, we have decided to get a new one. there goes my shopping money. i shall stay in my fortress for the next 4 months. i want to get new clothes. T.T
time for dinner.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinesey New Year~

I know it's a little late to wish everyone Chinese New Year now but you know...busy with this and that bla bla..

urgh..long toes..not mine..HAHA

I cannot believe my 3 months of holidays will end here. @.@ it's just too fast~! even though I spend most of my time rotting at home but I still feel time is rushing by very quickly.

But anyway I enjoyed my CNY and I hope you did as well. surprisingly I think I got plenty of Ang Pao this year. Thank God for that. haha.

Thank you for coming people~! I've been waiting for a 'family' reunion for quite some time and even though it's not complete but we shall try to make this happen again. \(^.^)/

My laptop's dying, and before it does. i better stop here.

Have fun people~!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


There you go, finally a blog entry after so long.

Which dumb ass blogger would leave her blog abandoned for a month. Oopsie. Look who's talking.

Just one more week and I'll send my ass off to Melbourne. I'm not going to leave heavyhearted because I know I only have this one year left there. In fact I'm saddened by this. Will I be unemployed for a long period of time after I graduate? Will I miss my life in Melbourne? Will our friendship melt away in no time? scary thoughts huh...but you know the human mind can be amazing. when you want to just chill and relax these will just pop out on it's own or as much as I would love my control my mind. It just tends to sway towards the negativity.

Oh by the way, I watched Tooth Fairy last night with cm and momma. but but that wasn't the movie I look forward to the most. I really wanted to watch Tiger Woohoo! but they gave me weird expression when I said I wanted to watch some Chinese movie T.T Anyway even if you want you cannot watch. damn. FULL house it seems.I'll tell you why I showed my interest towards that movie. One is because I've watched the advertisement on Astro a couple of times and it was hella funny. Secondly, it's a full M'sian production and I thought it would be even funnier cuz there'll be a mixture of funny languages in it. And yes I've heard good reviews from people, and i meant people who doesn't take nonsense very well. So there...haha.

Chinese New Year! is around the cornerrrrr. excited? so so
lerrrrrr. no proper clothes to wear T.T I doubt I can get Ang Paos dressing like a Zebra on CNY. but I like black and white though..i mean, can you go wrong with black and white? you won't even go wrong with a Zebra pants...errr. i guess so? HAHA. chic avenue pants.... for those who do not have an idea wtf is a chic avenue pants...we can do a runway walk; the four of us in that pants.

HAHAHA~ how did that happen? who knows..ah i miss our time in Langkawi already. sigh...can we go Great Barrier Reef next?

I was at the Apple website earlier because I wanted to know the price of the USB cable for my iPod. I think I misplaced it somewhere. Hell..I didn't know that shit costs so much. I'm probably going to go for a generic one IF I can find. sigh..i better turn my room upside down to find it first.

Of course I was browsing through the website and I saw this gorgeous Beats Solo by Dr Dre.

I really didn't know the existence of this because I thought all along they only have their original Beats by Dr Dre. These solo ones are more compact. I remember trying the Beats at the Apple Store at Chadstone shopping center , I was pretty amazed by the quality and it feels like you were being surrounded by a really good set of Hi Fi. I don't know why people tend to say it's an overrated/overpriced product but it's really up to standard. I've no idea how this Solo sounds like but reviews aren't as good and most still prefer Sennheiser ones which is understandable.

Currently I'm looking for a good piece of earphone not headphone so that Solo will be out of my wish-list for the moment (Although it's really pretty T.T) as I'm quite happy with my Sennheiser one. We'll see we'll see...

Anyway, I need a shower...I cannot stand the heat and the humidity makes me feel like I have breathing difficulties.

Monday, January 25, 2010


i did something to my blogspot page i believe.

i don't know what to do now. :O



has been a quiet week for me..but I'm not complaining. few more weeks and I'll have to be back in my pigeon hole. @.@

I'm not quite looking forward to going back Melb yet because I've not fill up my luggage. wtf. sounds ridiculous that I've to fill up my luggage with brand new stuffs. I must be crazy but come on, who can deny when you have whole lot of things that you look forward to use, you will eventually be motivated.

Problem is I really couldn't find things that I like and it's just so hard. I do have things in mind..but they just don't appear. so how..? guess I just have to go back empty handed. oh not so bad but...still.

oh! I've been watching this k-drama and I thought it was really good. the story is so much like 'Boys Over Flowers' but this has got a really simple storyline. plus it's so funny I think I could rewatch this for another 3 times. -_-;; i'm crazy.

미남이시네요 Minami Shineyo (You're Beautiful) starring Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hong Ki, Jung Yong Hwa. must definitely pay attention to Jung Yong Hwa..this guy is crazy charming.. hoho.

hehe... If you're looking for a simple and at the same time entertaining this is really a good one. plus it's just 16 episodes. not draggy at all!


i guess i was here just to promote a drama i really liked.. you must feel like there's a need to strangle me. -_-;;

time to say good night.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010, how are you treating me?

i felt like my the 'chi' around me isn't flowing very well like it should. wtf is 'chi'..okay it's a feng shui term for energy. i need more positive 'chi'. seriously.

seriously how can one start a new year like this.

it's nothing serious. just you know when small incidents accumulates it's really frustrating.

of all the things i have to lost my 'MyKad' and it was right before i needed it. what's more disturbing is the fact that i knew i was having it just few minutes before. few minutes later it was gone. what? magic? fml.

dying..~of course my life isn't that pathetic to the point that i need to die.

i think i have the hyperbole syndrome and the are-we-there-yet syndrome. the are-we-there-yet syndrome is diagnosed by momma&ysy. thank you for the diagnosis. HAHA.

guess i've spent my holidays pretty well. no no i am not doing anything productive but at least i think i really did have some enjoyable times.

maybe this will the be last time i will have a long holiday like this. :0

argh. my nose is crazy runny now. i should just sleep.

ah before that. let me just wish Wai San Happy Bday~ and KCM Happy Belated Bday!! forgive me if presents do not appear, i know it's a shame to say this but...pls understand. haha. it should be on its way. i'm still an amazing friend.. HAHA~

good night, world.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010. are you accepting this fact.

it still doesn't feel like a new year. feels the same to me. anyone who utters the word 'January' or 'Yat Yuit' i will give them a weird look as if they were wrong. but unfortunately that's not the case. It really is January 2010.


on a brighter note.

I ended my 2009 with a blast with my friends in Langkawi and i'm so so so thankful for that. ^^

this is an extremely random pic of me trying out an 'aunty-like' piece of top in a random pantai cenang souvenir shop. for not so random's all in facebook already so please stare at those pictures if you wish to. i'm too lazy to post them here because it's totally unnecessary.

wonder when will our next 'family trip' be. @.@

so. what are your new year resolutions. honestly i've never made any new year resolutions and i think you should know why. it's so hard to keep them although every year i seem to have the same new year resolutions. you know the usual; don't procrastinate, study like a mad man, go on a strict/healthy diet, exercise often, drink more water, spend less time on the internet..etc.

for f's sake. which of those i managed to keep i really wonder. so whatever...zzz..

2009 has been pretty okay. nothing too exciting. nothing too scary. nothing overly stressful. nothing happened to the extend that i feel like there's a need to commit suicide. so it's all good i reckon?

I hope 2010 will be a peaceful one. as peaceful as Tanjung Rhu that is. as i browsed through my Langkawi pictures again i realized the beach or rather the sea is so gentle that i don't think i remember hearing waves come crashing against the shore. wtf. that's just pure weird. or maybe i lost my memory or something. look at the guy below. he's actually READING WHILE STANDING IN THE SEA. he's so not worried about waves eating up his book. oh by the way yes that's Tanjung Rhu..need translation? Rhu Bay then... HAHA.

some people are just amazing. some places are truly magnificent. i shall stay in Tanjung Rhu the next time round when i go to Langkawi again..hopefully?! if i have the money. ㅠ.ㅠ

before new year seems to be more exciting. now that everyone's back doing whatever they should be doing. i'm left rotting and stoning at home.

it's snacking time for me.

i'll try to keep my blog updated. sorry i haven't been a very responsible blogger lately.