Wednesday, February 25, 2009

20! (more pics!)

ah..i kind of edited this post. and i think i accidentally cut out some words from the original post. but anyway that's not important.
here comes the pictures of yesterday night.

I'm probably going to scare the hell out of you with this picture. HAHAHA! ok i think i just embarassed myself. but it's okay. it's not as bad as the comic strip though. damn.

on the escalator with Pav.

Us! Bday girl in the middle. ah..

without flash. hence the orangey-ness.

argh papparazzi shot. can you spot me?

gotta run~

damn, wait. i'm wondering if you've problems viewing the pictures and the caption in order or not because when i preview seems everything's everywhere. what on earth. @.@ okay can't be bothered.

Monday, February 23, 2009


i think i got 2 shades darker skin tone? free tanning. damnit. hahaha~ it was crazy warm in the afternoon but yeah still bearable. a sudden cool change in the late afternoon near evening. was really shivering after dinner. @.@

i don't know whether i should thank God for this weather or not. but seriously. one thing i realize Aussie bushland is getting really dry. i feel so thirsty for them. everywhere there's signs of burnt trees and dry grass. the main part of the tour today was the Grampians National Park, and glad to say it wasn't affected by the bushfire this year. but it was badly burnt 2 years back. hence the not-so-pretty-anymore sight. anyway it wasn't that bad.

want some pictures? of course you do.

Grampians National Park behind us. no you can't see. we're too small. mountains are even smaller. damn. hahaha. anyway yeah. the mountains behind us took approx 400 million years to form and it is said that this piece of land used to be an ocean.

on the way to the bottom of the MacKenzie waterfalls. long way down. even LONGER way up. almost died. seriously it's crazy steep i thought i was climbing Mt. Kinabalu. -___-' only joking.

finally the MacKenzies Falls! it's really refreshing when you get down there. but the hike back up @.@ was crazy. but didn't regret taking this route though. well there's actually an easier route but it won't take you down to the falls though, which is of course a waste.

the rock behind me is named the 'Jaws of Death'. because the rock formation looks like a jaw of...i don't know. a kookaburra? a gecko? well it's up to your imagination. well, it would be great if we're allowed to actually stand in the 'jaws'.

a bunch of roos which were found wandering around people's holiday cabins.

alright. just a few photos to keep you entertain for a moment.

now it's time for me to hop on to bed and get some rest.

updates, later.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


i went to Max Brenner for two nights in a row already. yet i'm still not sick of it, in fact i am wanting more. but but how? it's already freaking 8.45 pm. i probably will have to wait till tomorrow. T.T and no i'm not going there, i guess i'll have to start searching for nice places with good ice choco/ice mocha.

anyway went out today in the afternoon, went to book for a day tour to The Grampians. a sudden change of mind from my housemate, she wanted to go Mornington Peninsula to pluck strawberries at first. but yeah probably the picturesque picture in the tour brochure caught her eyes or something i don't know. hahaha. but whatever i don't mind anywhere as long as i get to tour.

anyway was walking around trying to search for some simple shirts to wear. i need something plain, preferably white and comfortable. cuz the weather here can be unbearably warm. but today was pretty pleasant though. but i shall prepare for a warmer day.

okay. anyway i ended up getting a pendant from Tiffany & Co.! damn myself. i was browsing through their webpage yesterday night and found some really cute and pretty pendants. who knows i actually went to the shop today and came out NOT empty handed. really, i need to bang my head to the wall already. my friend was like shocked why the hell did i buy it when she have never seen me wearing these things before. i'm questioning myself too actually. i better start wearing and not lose it!

cute isn't it??!! please tell me it is.

anyway i saw a really crazy gorgeous watch there and it costs like Aud$4000++ wtf. @.@

don't even dream about it. T.T

anyway..gotta run. shower time.

Friday, February 20, 2009


omg. i'm so sleepy. why cuz i woke up early today.

omg. i'm so full. cuz i ate dumplings for lunch/dinner. and i had chocolate drink as dessert. hell is it dessert or desert? sorry bad english.

omg. i'm so hot. i mean, warm weather. not feeling sexy.

omg. i nearly died in school today because i've to look for my course co-ordinator to discuss about my timetable.

omg. i just want to kill myself looking at my sucky yucky holy effing shitty timetable. as i don't have a day off. NONE!

omg. i need to run 5-6 blocks on fridays when class commences. need i elaborate on this? you can just entertain youselves by watching a comic strip of me as a summary. go here.

omg. i'm so shocked by what momma did.

omg. i'm red. i need to stop alcohols from entering my body. not even a half bottle of heineken.

omg. i can't fall asleep these days within a few minutes during the night. i need to see a sleep doctor soon. because this is so not me.

omg. what am i going to do for the week coming week since class haven't commence yet.

omg. what am i going to do with my pimply face.

omg. i'm addicted to Ellen Degeneres show.

omg. now i'm in the mood to read my book, eclipse.

omg. i gotta run now.

omg. have a pleasant flight/night.

Friday, February 13, 2009


i can't say i'm happy. i can't say i'm sad. so what am i?

i've no idea would be a lie if i say i'm crazy happy to be back in melbourne. because the fact that i am not tooo happy. i miss home now. @.@ feels so weird coming back here. i can't seem to sense what's the weirdness but it's just...yeah maybe i'm not used to it yet. and it's like i've to start adapting again. glad it's not an overwhelming feeling that tortures me. it just felt uneasy that's all.

the major difference is that i can't laze around the house doing nothing anymore. can't expect anyone to prepare breakfast or lunch or take me out for dinner. without having to pay. yes! now i found the weirdness.

no wonder the feeling only came after i went out for grocery shopping. and also just by looking at the condition of my room. it drives me insane. so bloody messy i swear i just wanna die. wonder when can this mess clear up. totally. frustrating!

sickening. i think i've turned even lazier. but i know i cannot afford to be any much lazier than i used to be. or else i'll be so dead.

anyway. i think i'm dead tired. though i think i took a nap this afternoon.

had chamomile tea before this. it should soothe me. and let me have a good night sleep. you know chamomile tea is soothing and relaxing right?

good night people.

Monday, February 9, 2009


terrible night yesterday. i've to stuff my nostrils with tissues how gross is that. i've stopped doing that for a very long time since i left for oz. once i start sneezing and my eyes flooded with tears, i'll know what to expect next. bad weather all over my head. getting headaches, runny nose, runny eyes.

speaking of bad weather. i'm pretty devastated by the news of Victoria getting bushfires. seeing houses burnt to ashes. people burnt to death if not injured. trees turning into burnt match sticks. farmland turning from green to grey. people losing their properties and livestocks. and what breaks my heart most is the helpless wildlife getting burnt not able to save themselves from this disaster. T.T


oh my gosh. T.T poor little baby glider. must be really traumatized by those fires. so lucky to have survived. but probably lost its family..

no wonder it's the worst bushfire in the history of Australia. how can it be worst than this?

while the Southeastern is on fire. the Northeast is flooding. @.@ how bizarre.


updates, later.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


rolling on the bed for over i don't know probably about 3 hours? is not a very fun. it's very unusual for me to not fall asleep like a dead rat once i hop on to the bed. well the night before was exception and probably thanks to the ice coffee-mocha or whatever i drank few hours before bedtime. shit. no more coffee before bed time. my brains were so restless and it just wouldn't shut off.

anyway. somehow i fell asleep. at last. fuhh.

oh? how come i drink coffee late at night. okay it's not veeeeryyyy late, around 10-11 pm i reckon. but if i'm not out i would be on my bed already these days. haha.

went out yesterday with 4 people. ipoh. ah so quiet now with the few of us here.

nq's house was the first stop for me. and the first thing i saw when i stepped into her house was an egg. standing straight. how often do you see eggs standing straight like this?

it is a freaking egg ok? i mean real egg. nq said she heard it from the radio that yesterday(why yesterday i don't understand) was the only day eggs can stand like this.

i tried standing a few eggs this morning but failed. but i'm not giving up yet. why because, read this.

mind joining me with this experiment? hahaha. i think i must be out of my mind.

the egg beside me is freaking fake ok? only two are real.

wow i actually learned something interesting from this. hahaha.
alright alright enough of my nonsense.

shall update some other time.

tv time for me now.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

post-cny entry.

i just realized i didn't even manage to wish all of you a very happy chinese new year in my blog. haha. my bad. but anyway, it's already the 7th day of chinese new year, basically tomorrow everyone's back to work and stuff. i am absolutely elated for the week, not exactly a rotting week i reckon. have been going around visiting and getting ang paos. that's the point of chinese new year right? getting ang paos. hmmmm. not bad not bad.

what else. ah. maybe talk about the not-so-happy part of the week. i'm suppose to meet up my friend who came from kl but i dropped dead on that day for God knows what reason. food poisoning or too much of alcohol? i really dont know. the only thing i know i had diarrhea and felt nauseous that i thought i was going to die. okay a bit of exaggeration here but yeah. i felt so guilty for not meeting up with my friend as i've already promise her. i hate ffk-ing people. -__-' but it wasn't my intention at all so please forgive me.

hmmph! and also there's this one night that i saw two fools made a fool out of themselves. scary yet funny.

i think i'm having some kind of brain freeze. wait.

overall CNY was all good. had chance to visit family and friends. wow, i think i must be really proud to have visit everyone i wanted to before i go back to Oz. even had a nice game of gambling on friday night. still remember after i won money i was singing this;

'money money money, must be funny, in a rich man's world~~'

(never heard of this song? go check it out then. song title : money money money by abba)

it's so nice to have a get together with friends after so long. absolute fun. on the other hand it makes me miss them more. T.T

omg. really can't imagine how am i going to survive when i'm back to melb with the burning hot weather. it's not even warm it's burning hot hot hot! can you imagine? 45' C? it has never been this hot before in over a decade that's 100 freaking years! okay hopefully it'll be better when i'm back there. please give me weather in the 20' Cs.

anyway i think it's nap time for me. excuse me for now.

updates, soon.