Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3-minutes read.

yes I'm planning on a major comeback to this blogsphere. 'yeaaa right, this idiot never keeps her promise...waste my time coming to this page'. I don't blame you for those thoughts, seriously.

so I came back to melbourne, and am planning to continue my nerdy and plain life. but I told myself I need to get a job, to get rid of my guilt. what guilt? guilty of spending too much money and well, it's not exactly the best investment ever to continue studying when i should be working full time already by this old age. then again, everyone knows I'm the queen of unemployed. shouldn't be surprise I still cannot find a job yet. some said I'm not desperate enough (that's not exactly true), some said I'm being too picky (that shouldn't be the case too), some said I'm not serious (i'm goddamn serious i can assure you that), some said you don't have the i-exactly-need-a-job-face-hence-no-one-wants-to-hire-you (what is that suppose to mean?) , some said I'm pure noob (i admit but i'm willing to learn and i swear i'm hardworking). okay okay...whatever. taking my own sweet time, I'm not begging by the roadside, YET. good. calm down. chill. it's alright I do admit I'm still in the 'complacent' mode because I'm not pushed to the edge yet. so yeah, fine it might be partially my fault.

uni life has been pretty alright up till this point. as usual, there's no running away from assignments...I felt so weird because there weren't any familiar faces, and it feels like I'm on another planet. but that's fine. not complaining. I don't need much entertainment during lectures. problem comes in only when there are group assignments. (ㅠ-ㅠ)

life didn't go as well as I would liked it to be, this is suppose to be my temporary escape route. of course I never claim this to be the perfect escape route because I'm not expecting to just close my eyes and slide myself through. it just doesn't work this way. I've already brush past what I needed to before coming back here but it just came back to me and suddenly things just made me feel like I'm the bitch of the decade. and that's just insane. I had to constantly stop myself-take a deeep breathe, think sensibly, don't let it write all over my face, and don't dwell. good it works...yay!

anywayyyy, current issues current issues that we all should be very well aware of...the world's in a total mess currently from war to natural disasters .how much can the earth take really? I'm afraid the earth is getting exhausted. I feel tired for the earth, really. the least we can do hour. yes, I'm not kidding. let's be in the dark for an hour. 8.30 pm on the 26th March.

alright. guess I've done my job for tonight.

rest well everyone.

ah just so you know, I can't guarantee when my next post will be. but I do micro-blog from time to time on twitter. and my twitter is pretty quiet so if you like to entertain me there, please do so. HAHA. twitter land is a pretty fun to read news and all... :D