Thursday, February 25, 2010

and so.. has been a week.

and i haven't been doing anything productive except going back to uni to settle some enrolment shit. other than that...

i spent most of my time doing the above. sit and chill while watching some drama.

and also indulging myself in a few books. in which i must finish them before i get too busy when uni starts. oh god. i can totally imagine how this semester is going to be. reading the course guides gives me a sense of fear.

anyway i'm currently reading this. it's a funny book though. not funny in a weird way but funny as in it's funny. does it make sense. not really huh..shit what am i saying. but whatever it's a good read.

on the not-so-bright-side of my life. our washing machine broke down and since it's going to cost a life (yes we even had a repairman coming over to evaluate and so we knew the estimated cost of repair). so, we have decided to get a new one. there goes my shopping money. i shall stay in my fortress for the next 4 months. i want to get new clothes. T.T
time for dinner.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinesey New Year~

I know it's a little late to wish everyone Chinese New Year now but you know...busy with this and that bla bla..

urgh..long toes..not mine..HAHA

I cannot believe my 3 months of holidays will end here. @.@ it's just too fast~! even though I spend most of my time rotting at home but I still feel time is rushing by very quickly.

But anyway I enjoyed my CNY and I hope you did as well. surprisingly I think I got plenty of Ang Pao this year. Thank God for that. haha.

Thank you for coming people~! I've been waiting for a 'family' reunion for quite some time and even though it's not complete but we shall try to make this happen again. \(^.^)/

My laptop's dying, and before it does. i better stop here.

Have fun people~!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


There you go, finally a blog entry after so long.

Which dumb ass blogger would leave her blog abandoned for a month. Oopsie. Look who's talking.

Just one more week and I'll send my ass off to Melbourne. I'm not going to leave heavyhearted because I know I only have this one year left there. In fact I'm saddened by this. Will I be unemployed for a long period of time after I graduate? Will I miss my life in Melbourne? Will our friendship melt away in no time? scary thoughts huh...but you know the human mind can be amazing. when you want to just chill and relax these will just pop out on it's own or as much as I would love my control my mind. It just tends to sway towards the negativity.

Oh by the way, I watched Tooth Fairy last night with cm and momma. but but that wasn't the movie I look forward to the most. I really wanted to watch Tiger Woohoo! but they gave me weird expression when I said I wanted to watch some Chinese movie T.T Anyway even if you want you cannot watch. damn. FULL house it seems.I'll tell you why I showed my interest towards that movie. One is because I've watched the advertisement on Astro a couple of times and it was hella funny. Secondly, it's a full M'sian production and I thought it would be even funnier cuz there'll be a mixture of funny languages in it. And yes I've heard good reviews from people, and i meant people who doesn't take nonsense very well. So there...haha.

Chinese New Year! is around the cornerrrrr. excited? so so
lerrrrrr. no proper clothes to wear T.T I doubt I can get Ang Paos dressing like a Zebra on CNY. but I like black and white though..i mean, can you go wrong with black and white? you won't even go wrong with a Zebra pants...errr. i guess so? HAHA. chic avenue pants.... for those who do not have an idea wtf is a chic avenue pants...we can do a runway walk; the four of us in that pants.

HAHAHA~ how did that happen? who knows..ah i miss our time in Langkawi already. sigh...can we go Great Barrier Reef next?

I was at the Apple website earlier because I wanted to know the price of the USB cable for my iPod. I think I misplaced it somewhere. Hell..I didn't know that shit costs so much. I'm probably going to go for a generic one IF I can find. sigh..i better turn my room upside down to find it first.

Of course I was browsing through the website and I saw this gorgeous Beats Solo by Dr Dre.

I really didn't know the existence of this because I thought all along they only have their original Beats by Dr Dre. These solo ones are more compact. I remember trying the Beats at the Apple Store at Chadstone shopping center , I was pretty amazed by the quality and it feels like you were being surrounded by a really good set of Hi Fi. I don't know why people tend to say it's an overrated/overpriced product but it's really up to standard. I've no idea how this Solo sounds like but reviews aren't as good and most still prefer Sennheiser ones which is understandable.

Currently I'm looking for a good piece of earphone not headphone so that Solo will be out of my wish-list for the moment (Although it's really pretty T.T) as I'm quite happy with my Sennheiser one. We'll see we'll see...

Anyway, I need a shower...I cannot stand the heat and the humidity makes me feel like I have breathing difficulties.