Monday, January 25, 2010


i did something to my blogspot page i believe.

i don't know what to do now. :O



has been a quiet week for me..but I'm not complaining. few more weeks and I'll have to be back in my pigeon hole. @.@

I'm not quite looking forward to going back Melb yet because I've not fill up my luggage. wtf. sounds ridiculous that I've to fill up my luggage with brand new stuffs. I must be crazy but come on, who can deny when you have whole lot of things that you look forward to use, you will eventually be motivated.

Problem is I really couldn't find things that I like and it's just so hard. I do have things in mind..but they just don't appear. so how..? guess I just have to go back empty handed. oh not so bad but...still.

oh! I've been watching this k-drama and I thought it was really good. the story is so much like 'Boys Over Flowers' but this has got a really simple storyline. plus it's so funny I think I could rewatch this for another 3 times. -_-;; i'm crazy.

미남이시네요 Minami Shineyo (You're Beautiful) starring Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hong Ki, Jung Yong Hwa. must definitely pay attention to Jung Yong Hwa..this guy is crazy charming.. hoho.

hehe... If you're looking for a simple and at the same time entertaining this is really a good one. plus it's just 16 episodes. not draggy at all!


i guess i was here just to promote a drama i really liked.. you must feel like there's a need to strangle me. -_-;;

time to say good night.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010, how are you treating me?

i felt like my the 'chi' around me isn't flowing very well like it should. wtf is 'chi'..okay it's a feng shui term for energy. i need more positive 'chi'. seriously.

seriously how can one start a new year like this.

it's nothing serious. just you know when small incidents accumulates it's really frustrating.

of all the things i have to lost my 'MyKad' and it was right before i needed it. what's more disturbing is the fact that i knew i was having it just few minutes before. few minutes later it was gone. what? magic? fml.

dying..~of course my life isn't that pathetic to the point that i need to die.

i think i have the hyperbole syndrome and the are-we-there-yet syndrome. the are-we-there-yet syndrome is diagnosed by momma&ysy. thank you for the diagnosis. HAHA.

guess i've spent my holidays pretty well. no no i am not doing anything productive but at least i think i really did have some enjoyable times.

maybe this will the be last time i will have a long holiday like this. :0

argh. my nose is crazy runny now. i should just sleep.

ah before that. let me just wish Wai San Happy Bday~ and KCM Happy Belated Bday!! forgive me if presents do not appear, i know it's a shame to say this but...pls understand. haha. it should be on its way. i'm still an amazing friend.. HAHA~

good night, world.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010. are you accepting this fact.

it still doesn't feel like a new year. feels the same to me. anyone who utters the word 'January' or 'Yat Yuit' i will give them a weird look as if they were wrong. but unfortunately that's not the case. It really is January 2010.


on a brighter note.

I ended my 2009 with a blast with my friends in Langkawi and i'm so so so thankful for that. ^^

this is an extremely random pic of me trying out an 'aunty-like' piece of top in a random pantai cenang souvenir shop. for not so random's all in facebook already so please stare at those pictures if you wish to. i'm too lazy to post them here because it's totally unnecessary.

wonder when will our next 'family trip' be. @.@

so. what are your new year resolutions. honestly i've never made any new year resolutions and i think you should know why. it's so hard to keep them although every year i seem to have the same new year resolutions. you know the usual; don't procrastinate, study like a mad man, go on a strict/healthy diet, exercise often, drink more water, spend less time on the internet..etc.

for f's sake. which of those i managed to keep i really wonder. so whatever...zzz..

2009 has been pretty okay. nothing too exciting. nothing too scary. nothing overly stressful. nothing happened to the extend that i feel like there's a need to commit suicide. so it's all good i reckon?

I hope 2010 will be a peaceful one. as peaceful as Tanjung Rhu that is. as i browsed through my Langkawi pictures again i realized the beach or rather the sea is so gentle that i don't think i remember hearing waves come crashing against the shore. wtf. that's just pure weird. or maybe i lost my memory or something. look at the guy below. he's actually READING WHILE STANDING IN THE SEA. he's so not worried about waves eating up his book. oh by the way yes that's Tanjung Rhu..need translation? Rhu Bay then... HAHA.

some people are just amazing. some places are truly magnificent. i shall stay in Tanjung Rhu the next time round when i go to Langkawi again..hopefully?! if i have the money. ㅠ.ㅠ

before new year seems to be more exciting. now that everyone's back doing whatever they should be doing. i'm left rotting and stoning at home.

it's snacking time for me.

i'll try to keep my blog updated. sorry i haven't been a very responsible blogger lately.