Monday, August 31, 2009

start of...

i know it seems a little too early for a break but i am having my mid semester break now. well it's not exactly going to be a break for me. i don't even know if i can have one full day staying at home just to chill. probably not. since the start of the break i've kept myself relatively busy.
let's see..
i've got my risk management dealing room session from noon till late noon. i absolutely hate that session, i wonder why we have it for 2 consecutive semesters. very sickening group work. worst of all you've to write report after each session. how awesome.
sometimes i really hate group assignments. but on the other hand you know it's a group assignment, it's not going to be one that you can handle everything alone. the thing is when you have members that are cooperative it's perfectly fine, IF NOT....everything's just going to be way harder. argh... *grab and pulls hair*
anyway, never mind that.
oh. i had quite a night on friday would have been perfect if we were a little more organized and it was quite stupid of me not to realize that's going to happen. and so me and my friends have decided to go clubbing since it is my friend's birthday. she loves clubbing and thought it would be a great idea. so we suggested Eve on City Rd. let's cut the long story short...hmm we arrived at probably 11.30 pm or so. well i know it's not a very smart time to be there at that time because you can see the goddamn line outside the club. @.@ worst of all, we're not on guestlist which makes thing way worse...i just wanted to kill myself why had i not thought of putting our names on guestlist earlier. seriously. well it's too late. after waiting for ages..i don't even know how long, my feet starts to feel like jelly. in fact we all felt like jelly already even before getting in. we couldn't wait anymore and just decided to change venue. maybe some pictures outside of Eve?

getting a little impatient hence the puffed up face. kiddin', was just trying to fix my pretty hair clip ^^

can anyone tell me how come the pictures turn out so ugly when i upload it here. i don't want answers like: because you're ugly hence pictures turn out that way! -__-' or because your camera sucks!

anyway back to my little 'adventure'.
we then walked to Fusion in Crown. yes we walked and it was quite a distance i tell you.

well at least it's not another disappointment because at least we manage to get in there without having to wait for a million years.
here are the very few pictures.
i don't know why we turned out to be ghostly white. yea it's not even pale it's white. haha. anyway my friend said i look like a 'present' here because i've got this huge bow on my dress and a cute little bow hair clip. anyway i'm loving bow stuffs these days. they're like my latest obsession.
do re mi....haha.

okay the rest please just go to my facebook and see alright? don't be lazy. ^^ i find it tiring to upload pictures here. or i'm just lazy actually.
hmmph. then saturday morning we went yum cha and had egg tart in box hill. i'm very surprised we could all wake up the next morning after coming back at 5 am. damn it. but actually i was drop dead tired and i felt like i was floating..
after that i just came home and slept till 9 pm. well i slept again not long after of course. there goes my saturday.
sunday...hmmph...what did i do on sunday. i don't know what i did too. i think i just slept through the day. awesome.
me and my housemates were out for breakfast at Balaclava. i don't know why all of a sudden we came up with this plan. usually they're not very keen on waking up early for breakfast. weird one really. and then...we went costco! oh by the way Costco is like Makro in M'sia. okay does Makro even exist anymore back home? i doubt it. we bought like a million toilet paper and kitchen napkins. liquor is pretty cheap there as well so of course we will not miss that out.
so that was basically how i spent the first few days of my break.
i shall be back for quick updates. promise i will not disappear.
gotta run for now. ^^

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

beautiful day. not?

here i am writing a few words.

i sent my Vaio to the workshop for some repair work. T.T let's not talk about it because it is absolutely disheartening. anyhow it's fine for now. just...sigh. it costs some money you know..

it was suppose to be a productive day because i managed to drag myself up at 9 am to bring my laptop back. dash out to grab a decent cup of coffee and head to Chapel St. i thought it was just going to take an hour the most but i took more than that somehow. probably due to my stupidity. whatever.

thing is I just got to know about my Micro2 test yesterday. and when is the test? tomorrow. wow. how great is that. thank god it's just 2 holy chapters. oh's not just few slides. it's like a whole shitloads of graphs am i slacking this semester? let's hope i'm not.

my Lord..i'm feeling so thirsty i feel like i'm going to die. do you know how rare it is for me to feel thirsty. i think i had too much potato chips and biscuits today. i need to stop all these freaking junk. for real this time i will.

oh this morning when i went out,despite the severe weather warning issued these days i thought it was going to be a pretty day. not even a tiny bit of cloud, absolute clear blue sky. well at times you really need to trust weather forecasts. it was pouring as if the sky was going to fall off in the late afternoon..windy? i don't know about that but it should be. how windy was it i don't know.

anyway, what's interesting these days. oh i guess i've had a thing for breakfast out already. i'm actually looking forward to having bigggg breakfast. though it's not something i would want to do everyday. maybe once or twice a week would be great.
i had one during the weekend with momma and kcm. it was lovely ... omg. how can you not love bacon and toast.

i guess just this few words for the night will do.

will be back real soon.

wish me luck for my test tomorrow please. pray hard if you can.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

jelly beans..

love jelly beans? come share with me (while stock lasts). HAHAHA! it has been a long time since i had jelly beans really. minus the time i stole some from momma.
i'm quite fascinated by the fact that jelly beans come in like a million different flavours. and when you shove a few of the different flavoured bean into your gives you a whole new flavour. but the thing's not something you can eat a lot like potato chips (i can definitely eat chips without stopping till my stomach explodes) because you'll feel like throwing up if you had excessive jelly beans intake. sweetness overdose.

omg why on earth am I blogging about jelly beans. i must be crazy.

it might be a long time till the next post. reason being..i think i've mention in the previous post.
my internet quota is almost over. unless i wake up during off-peak hours which is highly unlikely to happen.

oh you know what. i think i'm going to start jogging real soon. my body is not in a very healthy state, just a short distance sprint to catch the tram almost cost me my life. i swear it's serious shit. haha. i could hardly breathe after running plus the fact that my head felt like it was spinning like 'gasing' . short distance i mind you, probably 50 metres or something. let's just hope this time my determination to exercise and hopefully to lose weight would be for real.

alright, till then.

Monday, August 3, 2009

3rd week.

yes! i'm already in my 3rd week of uni. have i even learn anything new? i doubt myself.

good news is, i actually have my notes all well placed in front of my face right now. okay not exactly in front of my face but yea. it's just on my table. whether or not i'll even flip it through will be another question. oh! and i've got another great news internet quota is disappearing real quick and in other words. in a day or two my internet will be as slow as a slowpoke. or worst comes to worst it's just going to stop working. great. great. well of course, with the state of my internet like that i will be an obedient kid for once. i might just sit tight and study. wow..sounds perfect, no?


ah this might be irrelevant to you but it is very relevant to me. i've been following news of dbsk really closely these days that i just wish i can have with me on my phone 24/7.
(ㅠ.ㅠ) it's such a disheartening news but pray hard for me nothing's going to happen to dbsk. i might just die. it really scares the shit out of me and probably a lot others. it's making headlines even in the world business news ; .

omg. why are there so many things that distracts me this semester i don't understand. well at least i think i'm picking up some motivation to study. fuh~ we'll see if that actually lasts.

just a short entry for tonight.