Thursday, October 14, 2010

i lost passion.

it's sad because i used to love blogging. seems like my passion for it is dying. or died i don't know. i will try to revive my blog.

end of the semester already. how quickly time passes i don't know. i'm extremely unprepared. unprepared for what?! e.v.e.r.y.s.i.n.g.l.e.s.h.i.t that's flying right towards my face. i can already smell it. there you go...imagine the smell. the sight. whatever..disgusting i know but that explains it.

i honestly never really want to complain my life sucks. because i know that's not fair. i know somewhere, near or far. there are people who're having far worse problems than i do. correct? plus people around me usually smile at me and say..ahhh 'eunice your life is so awesome..' and so i go like 'yeahhh right heeeheehehehe...' as contradicting as it sounds but yea my life is not THAT bad, but it's not that awesome. really.

alright, i think i sound a little emotional here....take a deep breathe and *fuhhhh~*

what am i up to these days...? it's my final semester, i am keeping myself slightly busy. just slightly. ah, why do i choose to do that only in my final semester.

as much as i hate exams and assignments. i really want to stop the time. or rewind time.
as much as i am excited to graduate i still want to rewind time. omg why am i such an ass i don't know. fucksake. i'm already 21 but i cannot behave or think like one. (ㅠ.ㅠ)

let's jump to another topic.

dear jaejoong, dear JYJ. why...why in the world do you have to go to Malaysia when I am NOT THERE. you just have to make my life even more miserable...

oh nonono. this is too distracting. i need to bloody get back to my work.

i have millions of journals to read or i'm never going to finish my literature review. fml.

another thing. oh my lord. it's not even winter anymore, weather's getting warmer (i even wake up sweating sometimes). weird enough, i have to lift myself up in the morning like i have to lift 13500 tonnes of metal. yeah that's the weight of the world's largest digging machine. don't believe me? go google.

how great. someone explain to me. why.

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