Monday, September 26, 2011

September Effect.

Let's see...

It's my birthday month.. uh, well actually it's approaching the end. The thing is many, many people hate the 9th month somehow, but when you look around..there are so many born in the month of September, it is a statistical fact! Why the hate for September then? Why is there a song wakes me up when September ends? Why did the terrorist attack has to be in the month of September? Why does the largest stock market crash almost always falls in the month of September? (this is called the 'september effect' and it is also statistically recorded but unfortunately, studies have shown no solid evidence as to why this happens on a particular month)

Ahhh~so that is why. But I don't hate september, why? In fact I can't..Because that's when I feel most grateful and appreciative. :D many thanks to all of you really.

I don't blog as often as I would love to. Reason is because my life is pretty much same shit, every day. not kidding. but when there's actually's always something unpleasant. I've mentioned before i hate writing anything unpleasant because there's no reason to put it out to the world not that i'm selfish for not sharing. but the fact that it will one day disappear and life goes on again, yes?

For the past week the house has been fun and it's actually really nice to have guests in the house once in a while really. it feels festive. HAHA.

There is only a quarter of a year left, and clearly everyone's looking forward to a good and decent break from everything ... let's all withstand a little more.

I shall go make myself a coffee and do something productive for real. quick quick quick~

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." -Einstein

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