Monday, May 2, 2011

5 minutes escape.

i feel there's a need to paint a little something on my blog.

let me start this with an awesome picture I took on Thursday while strolling along St Kilda beach with nsa and k. well clearly these two don't have a clue about this picture but it's not bad so they wouldn't mind anyway. I have no idea why the sun was sitting right above his head, it was unintentional.

Easter Break was way too short. with hindsight, I should have spent my time better instead of complaining it being 'short'.. i'm almost losing my priority. if i don't get hold of myself now....I'm going to be in deep shit.
knowing I'm not actually floating on clouds gives me a peace of mind a little, at least I'll try to restraint myself from wandering off like that's real, and I know I have to do something about it.
ahh~ I think I made things sound more pessimistic than they really are.

on a happier note, i managed to watch three movies - Fast&Furious5, Arthur and Thor. I will not consider this as a waste of time because I enjoyed all 3 movies. yayyy! well actually Arthur was just alright, but it's good fun anyway.

oh..I was in the library this afternoon and clearly when I'm bored I tend to stare at my phone, clicking away here and there. went on the UberSocial app and my feed was filled with news on Osama's death. I honestly thought it was some kind of rumours but looks like it came from reliable source so i spent some time reading news. Of course it's a huge deal, I mean I personally think this is more news worthy than the Royal Wedding. but anyway, not so much of my business but I wonder, does his death signifies the end of war? clearly it's a no, at least for now. suffering persists and let's hope there will not be any further retaliation.

"All we are saying is give peace a chance" - John Lennon.

I guess I've spent enough time updating here.

have a good night everyone.

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