Thursday, November 19, 2009

blogger on hiatus?

i've been ridiculously lazy since i finish my finals. all i want to do is just sit and chill 24/7.

anyway, yes! i'm back home..~

the thing about being back home is i don't have to cook. i don't have to think what to eat. greatness.

the problem is i feel sticky ALL the time that i feel like i have to take shower 5 times a day..the hot and humid weather here..but i really shouldn't be complaining already. plus it has been raining a lot which is good. has been so long since i last smell the rain. i sound crazy. wtf?

but there really is something i need to complain here. the internet. omg it's so horrifying when you cannot stream your 10 minutes-long videos. it takes a million years. patience is very limited. plus it's always disconnecting. but probably this is just the modem's fault?

sigh can't be bothered. probably this is the opportunity cost for not having internet quota here. you Aust they give you internet quota but the speed is pretty fast (fast as in there's no need for me to wait when i stream videos even if the videos are an hour long).

i just got disconnected again. thank god my draft was saved. i think i only lost a sentence...anyway i was saying i'll be off for a two weeks holiday this sunday~! ^^ how excited am i..

ah guess i'll disappear once again but i promise i'll be back right after.

wonder what's everyone up to these days. people have been really quiet and i guess there isn't anyone in ipoh for now. i shall wait.

off for now.

good night.

Friday, November 6, 2009


i'm like...super disappointed.

my paper today was disastrous.

i have no words to describe.

anyhow. i must concentrate now..for my final paper.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

why do i have to suffer like this.

done with two papers and two more to go.

i'm trying very hard to concentrate but there has to be some distractions.

terrible stomachache i don't know why. probably too much kim chi soup from dinner.

terrible hot weather. how do you even concentrate when you can hardly breathe.

terrible news from both the real world and the k-entertainment.

first news, there was this policeman who was chasing this mentally disabled guy forcing the guy to run towards the sea. this policeman was 'smart' enough to beat the hell out of him and caused the guy to run even further towards the deep sea. finally drowned. i know this happens where police tends to misuse their power. but what was even more disturbing was the fact that there were tonnes of onlookers and nobody did a shit to stop the police or at least get some help bring back the fella to shore. even if the guy is mentally disabled, he doesn't deserve to die drowning. what about his family members..sigh. it's really disheartening how inhumane people can be. really scary.

another news, sigh...i guess it's not news worthy for you but it is to me. you know i'm a mad fangirl of dbsk. now that their existence might just turn into history really worries me.

well well...

i guess i'll have to force myself to finish up at least one more chapter before hopping on the bed.

any stomach ache remedies?