Friday, May 28, 2010

a bit exhausted.

working on my final assignment for the semester but i just can't seem to progress as quickly as i would love to.

it's the final week of uni already~ study break officially starts for me. oh wait. not officially but semi official i guess because i still have an assignment due monday. damn...everyone's busy studying and i'm still stuck in my own world. that's...not exactly a good news.

i've been sleeping really late these days that i think it's extremely unhealthy. sometimes i just stay up for nothing(of course i'm suppose to be either studying or doing assignment,sometimes i can't help but do random things) and it's really hard to drag myself up in the morning. i need a little self control. sigh...what can technology do to a person. sigh.

been spending more time in the library than ever for the past few days. i guess this routine will continue till i finish my final exams. but i'm so tired i just drop dead in the library. i want to study at home but i just cannot. oh and my laptop is giving me major problem as well. it's just distracting the hell out of me with its massive vibration and noise. i want to turn it off. but how am i suppose to work on my assignments then?!?!

i shall not waste your time further. as well as mine.

i want to go winter shopping! i desperately need a decent jacket. i've been eye-ing on one. :P

good night world.

Friday, May 14, 2010

it's getting cold.

winter air.

i can feel the coldness piercing through my skin straight into my bones. okay now that's exaggerated but hey!

life..can't get anymore boring than this. (=.=||)

and some people just do not have a sense of urgency i don't understand why. but i'm no psychologist so i need not know why. it can be frustrating ...*deep sigh* chill. it's ok. or it's going to be ok.

one more month! till my finals....excited?? oh hell...i'm not even 0.01 % ready. more month...relax please. but by the time i finish all my assignments i only have 9 days. that's like a week?! no i will not torture myself like this. i better start managing my time well. hmmph!

oh found a really cute image online day before..omg it's super cute maybe i should share it.


okay now don't ask me what the hell are the two conversing because i don't know?!?!
HAHA. it probably goes like this??
stone: i'm scared?? you go~
nut: have some courage!!
but anyway it doesn't matter, i just thought they're cute.

i really shouldn't be blogging. but i cannot bear to see my blog as dead as the deserts of Sahara..uhh..(o.O|).???!! does it even make sense?? omg what am i talking about...

okay back to assignments.