Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i guess it's time for a little updates from me.

had a good weekend last week. friday-korean bbq. oh so perfecto. can't resist bbq with a few cups of lemon 막걸리 ('Makgeolli' - rice wine). okay minus the lemon part because i thought it was tad sour with the lemon. ><" but since it was not a cold day i guess lemon does refresh a little.

saturday. beach.

i think Carrum beach is really awesome.

glad i didn't turn down the beach outing. i think i had fun even though i thought i was about to melt like the jelly in the picture above. and i think i learnt something new. The jelly thing is not a jellyfish anyway it's an eggsack of a sand snail. it took me so long to google what on earth is that alien shit because i don't know how am i suppose to describe it. fascinating isn't it? though it may look a little gross but it's completely different when it's in the water. it gives out an orangy glow in the water.

what did i do on sunday?

oh! i had lemon chicken on sunday. ZZZzzzz.......................... @.@

and so that was my lovely weekend.

Classes on weekdays so there really isn't much going on.

busy days ahead i guess. the word 'assignment' sometimes really...and the thing is sometimes you just don't realize how the due date is drawing closer and closer. and it's already week 4 now.

alright. i need to take a short nap.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

hail storm 06.03.10!

I've never felt how harsh the nature can sometimes be. for a moment i really thought all these hype about 2012 might be real afterall. but I still have faith that we will live beyond that. way beyond that.

afternoon around 2 pm, I wanted a cup of coffee so bad. i looked at the sky and it was cloudy but not to the point that it might rain, at least not for the next hour or so. There I went out to grab a cup of coffee, out from Hudsons and hmmmph, the sky's changing real quick; it was slightly darker.

So I sat my ass back in front of my computer, I haven't even finish my half cup of coffee and I heard some noise as if something was hitting the window but I can't be bothered thinking it was just the usual hail. Seconds later I heard extremely loud noises; it was like hundreds of golf balls hitting against the window and I started to panic. By then I could only see pieces of ice balls hitting against the window, everything else was blur. ㅠ.ㅠ trust me I was shaking because I don't know what to do if the window breaks. thank god it only lasted for 10 minutes but it felt longer than that probably because I got so panic. plus no one's at home. housemates were stuck outside and weren't allowed to leave the mall at all.

outside the window after hail. (oh FYI the apartment is structured as if it's sitting on a roof that's why these shitballs can accumulate outside the window)

Ice starts to melt's weird to see this in melbourne. it looked as if it snowed or something but obviously those are not snow =.=

oh chilli plant. completely screwed. HAHAHA. I guess it's not dead yet though but it looks pathetic now.

if you walk on the streets of Melbourne now, it's pretty horrible.

well despite the weather warnings I still went out for dinner. had a pretty decent dinner at Number 8 in Crowns. lovely dessert no doubt.

hope it's going to be a fine Sunday.

now time for me to hop on to bed.