Monday, December 21, 2009

million apologies ^^

lazy bugs crawling all over me hence the very late post. oh plus some flu bugs too but i'm very well now.

OH! let me show you pictures throughout my Europe trip..i'll try not to put pictures i have in facebook here or else it would then be meaningless. =.='

1.Paris, France.

Arc de Triomphe was the very first landmark we stopped by in Paris.

it's a shame i didn't take a lot of pictures while cruising along River Seine, only a few very horrible ones because it was drizzling and extremely cold. i chose to stay inside the boat. i think i regret now. wtf.

this was taken from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

2. Mount Titlis-Berne, Switzerland.

oh so beautifulll~ it would have been better if it's covered entirely by snow but it's still early winter T.T

don't you just love chairlifts.. \(^_^)/

my newfound bf? (=_______=')

I shall visit Switzerland again, just a two nights stay in Lucerne is not enough.. T.T i didn't even get to make snow balls.

3. Germany

Rhine Falls. it's suppose to be the largest waterfall in Europe but because it's winter and water flow isn't as strong so it doesn't look like it's a massive one.

we then proceed to a cuckoo clock factory somewhere near the Lake Titisee.

look at the price tag!! Euro 598 for a clock.. T.T but there are cheap ones though..these are REAL cuckoo clocks where battery isn't needed. cheap ones are battery operated. hehe.

Outside of the Chinese Restaurant for dinner. if i'm not mistaken..this was in Heidelberg. can't really remember.. T.T

alright..we shall then proceed to Amsterdam, Holland..

4. Holland

Pretty interesting place i would say. Boat houses floating on river..those houses are real permanent houses with postal addresses. Some looks like fishing boats, some looks livable, some looks luxurious with flat screen TV in it and very pretty interior.

Something veryyy interesting during the night. The famous Red light district. Unfortunately i dare not take any pictures there. What if i accidentally took a photograph of a prostitute? that wouldn't be very nice of me. So I decided to look around, see some girls-behind-the-glass door. Oh! seriously i didn't know prostitution is legal in Holland. for real?? To say the place is scary it's not..the place all light up with colorful fluorescent lights but mainly red. if not..why would they call it red light district huh?

sex museum, anyone? i didn't get in okay...if time permits i would have, but too bad. haha!

last but not least. the famous windmills in Holland..omg they're so pretty~ can i have one like this in my future home.

sigh too bad we were quite late when we reach there due to some closed roads. can't walk till the far end..but anyway i couldn't really stand the wind and the icy cold wind there.

ah ~ another thing is. The hotel we stayed in Holland was fantastic..too fantastic. Name is Fashion Hotel. seriously fashionable.. Glass bathroom.. privacy at all i swear. how do you shower in peace like that? thank god the the toilet room is all closed up if not you can't even shit in peace. (=.=')

last stop before we proceed to London by EuroRail was Brussels, Belgium.

5. Brussels, Belgium.

Atomium~ i don't quite understand this building. do you even call this a building? but anyway there's a cafe at the top of this Atomium. hoho..must be interesting..

i find this thing very weird. it's a little boy pee-ing. wtf right. anyhow it's the famous manneken pis landmark in Brussels.

Next stop.

6. London, UK.

Boarding the Eurorail is a pain in the ass. i almost broke my backbone having to carry heavy suitcases up the train. like seriously.

Didn't tour around London that much actually. Did more shopping than visiting.

I think i need to stop here. or else i might lose my entire entry (@_@)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

blogger on hiatus?

i've been ridiculously lazy since i finish my finals. all i want to do is just sit and chill 24/7.

anyway, yes! i'm back home..~

the thing about being back home is i don't have to cook. i don't have to think what to eat. greatness.

the problem is i feel sticky ALL the time that i feel like i have to take shower 5 times a day..the hot and humid weather here..but i really shouldn't be complaining already. plus it has been raining a lot which is good. has been so long since i last smell the rain. i sound crazy. wtf?

but there really is something i need to complain here. the internet. omg it's so horrifying when you cannot stream your 10 minutes-long videos. it takes a million years. patience is very limited. plus it's always disconnecting. but probably this is just the modem's fault?

sigh can't be bothered. probably this is the opportunity cost for not having internet quota here. you Aust they give you internet quota but the speed is pretty fast (fast as in there's no need for me to wait when i stream videos even if the videos are an hour long).

i just got disconnected again. thank god my draft was saved. i think i only lost a sentence...anyway i was saying i'll be off for a two weeks holiday this sunday~! ^^ how excited am i..

ah guess i'll disappear once again but i promise i'll be back right after.

wonder what's everyone up to these days. people have been really quiet and i guess there isn't anyone in ipoh for now. i shall wait.

off for now.

good night.

Friday, November 6, 2009


i'm like...super disappointed.

my paper today was disastrous.

i have no words to describe.

anyhow. i must concentrate now..for my final paper.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

why do i have to suffer like this.

done with two papers and two more to go.

i'm trying very hard to concentrate but there has to be some distractions.

terrible stomachache i don't know why. probably too much kim chi soup from dinner.

terrible hot weather. how do you even concentrate when you can hardly breathe.

terrible news from both the real world and the k-entertainment.

first news, there was this policeman who was chasing this mentally disabled guy forcing the guy to run towards the sea. this policeman was 'smart' enough to beat the hell out of him and caused the guy to run even further towards the deep sea. finally drowned. i know this happens where police tends to misuse their power. but what was even more disturbing was the fact that there were tonnes of onlookers and nobody did a shit to stop the police or at least get some help bring back the fella to shore. even if the guy is mentally disabled, he doesn't deserve to die drowning. what about his family members..sigh. it's really disheartening how inhumane people can be. really scary.

another news, sigh...i guess it's not news worthy for you but it is to me. you know i'm a mad fangirl of dbsk. now that their existence might just turn into history really worries me.

well well...

i guess i'll have to force myself to finish up at least one more chapter before hopping on the bed.

any stomach ache remedies?


Friday, October 9, 2009

am i dreaming?

My lack of updates...sigh.

life can be a little plain at times. there really isn't much these days except trying to be hardworking towards the end of the semester having to fear that you'll miss out something important from lecturers/tutors bla bla...

most should be preparing for their finals already but why..why us eco & fin students still have a million assignments? i'm exaggerating a little here. still. you know how it feels when you're suppose to be preparing for your finals and yet you still have to work your ass off on assignments etc. it's just a pain in the freaking ass.

how i wish i can chill everyday playing cards with crazy friends. but it's not quite fun anymore. since everyone kind of knows i like to cheat. hmmph! i promise i won't cheat anymore.. ㅠ.ㅠ

my evil face.

okay i really shouldn't be thinking of that right now.

i have to focus. focus. focus....... OMG.
nono. it has to be. focus. focus. focus!
@.@ i think i've gone crazy.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

a post specially for you~

Dear readers,

Please do not be surprise i have a same-age-as-i-am-mum. she's my lovely momma. I love her as much as i love my mum i swear, even though she did not give birth to me, and certainly do not resemble each other in any way. ^^ How long has we known each other? i don't know exactly but i knew her existence since i was 7. Probably we became friends at 10?? all i remember was that the KFC her mum sent to school during her birthday and probably having taekwondo lessons together? yeah something like that...we're already 20 now. She's by far the most amusing and humourous person ever and you cannot deny that for real.

Since today is her birthday. I think there is a need for me to reciprocate her love for me as well. As most of you would know she specially dedicated an entry on her blog for me. and i'm just about to do the exact same thing.

few years back when she was in look at her and you go like..oh hell, here comes the leader of the gangter gang. hair pulled back neatly (well at least she tried to make it neat though her hair is really hard to tame). she looked as if she going to sweep you away with her hair~ i'm sorry i really don't have a back view of her ever-famous pony tail. oh i even call that pony tail? more like grizzly bear frizzy hair? okay whatever.

but hey! her hair's pretty great in braids though! look!

that wasn't so bad isn't it?! hahaha~!!! she was 17 then. ey...she doesn't look like a gangster here. sweetheart i would say? but wait till you see the tricycle-puller (penarik beca) her.

always sitting with her leg up as though she's some aunty sitting by the roadside waiting to pick up customers on her tricycle.. -__- omg omg wait..can you see her 'tail'? can see a bit right??

don't you just miss those days where we go to tuition? it's like the funnest thing ever whenever i think back. though i really don't know how we survived going to tuition after a long day in school.

i don't know why she's staring straight at the camera when she's usually camera-shy.

Ma~!!! turn here a bit..please'
'lui ah~ i know you're taking picture..don't ah diu nia ma phccb ah.. ~'

oh did i mention her bad habit of cursing day and night? and i probably got this habit from her too. how awesome.. o.O

again and again...every time showing finger.

haiyo..Ni Qi behind digging nose ah?! no la...diu..scratching a bit only..

oh do you know at once i thought she's going to be as famous as lady gaga..oh wait? okay maybe not lady gaga when we were 17..was there even lady gaga when we were 17?? i thought she was going to set a fashion trend of wearing a combination of 'motorcycle helmet-high school baju kurung white top-with HIGH WASTED BERMUDA PANTS-sneakers'. i swear that was a pair of pants NOT a skirt..I thought that WAS amazingly COOL~! but you better not try that on unless you're a STAR..nobody can pull off that look because it's pretty extreme..except for my me. =)

as time goes by...she decided she wants to be a rockstar thaAdd Imaget she ditched her broom hair and got herself a faux hawk. and now she has one of the coolest hair around. thank god for that really. fuhhh~

cheikk..being mysterious pulak.. though she still gets occasional bad hair days even after her major hair cut...but woui...occasional bad hair days better than daily bad hair days right? adui..

damn cool already la now. even needs to wear the in-fashion-glasses.. going to high end accessories store.. eh elleh...

wow...i really think there are major changes to my momma over the years. as much as she likes to say that to me it applies to her as well. she just doesn't realize it. but one thing for sure, our love for each other..our love for the 'family' will never change yea?!?!

but i'm glad you're still as hilarious as ever...with your exaggerated expressions and stuff..can you see the picture below..i don't even know what's with her and kcm were like completely calm and sane. probably she just wants to show off her high cheek bones.
(-__-' ) it's not very often you can see her cheek bones clearly since she's so freaking chubby.

sorry people, i know i'm like world's worst papparazzi..i don't usually take candid pictures of people..hence there really isn't much i can show you. probably a final picture of hers...momma, i'm sorry i've to do this but since you posted a picture of me is only fair that you have one too. HAHAHAHA~

omg she looks like a fluff ball.

anyway. Happy birthday Momma. what more can i say...i've given you such a long post you must be touched. every minute i fear my internet will die on me because i'm actually out of quota but i still continue...because i know i have to get this done on your birthday. it's the least i could do yea? plus you're not here in melbourne. ㅠ.ㅠ please get me souvenirs..

hope your life will be filled with joy because you truly deserves it. ^^you brought us much fun and happiness and we totally love you for that.. <3>

have a nice day everyone~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

rewind time.

i just finished reading a book in 40 minutes' time. you might want to kill me for wasting time on reading a children's fiction. fyi i did not buy this book, it was my housemate's. we went to this cheap book store and we both picked up a book each. i don't know what made her bought this hardcover kiddo book but i thought it was a great choice and i truly enjoyed it. i don't know if this really is a kids' book because i personally think it's not quite a simple-to-understand-book. as you can see the the title is 'the Lying Carpet'. it sounded really stupid to me at first but not anymore.

the illustrative prints inside are just so pretty.

well i guess this was a good way of relaxing. it took me on a beautiful journey for 40 minutes.

i know i'm suppose to spend time reading books like Microeconomics and stuff but really. i don't even know where to start. i'm like so lost now. i lost track of where am i. i lost all my knowledge of it.
sigh. at times it's so hard to climb back up when you fell. all your confidence taken away. to gain it back it felt like it's almost impossible.

weather today wasn't as favourable as the past few days. but it doesn't really matter. i was indoor the whole day except i have to take a tram home and it was pouring like nobody's business. -__-

better start doing my work now.

hopefully i won't disappear after this.

it's time..

blog died for the past week or two. as usual my internet bandwidth would usually exceed before it's renewal date. plus the fact that i'm a little busy..

so before i get even busier i think i should pen down a few words.

september..omg i cannot believe it's already my birthday month. one year after another, it passes so quick. at times i lost count of the date, or even month. why do i feel like i'm lagging behind time. what have i been doing all these while? don't know.

what will i be doing on the 17th september 2010? 2011? 2012? don't know.

my life so full of unknowns. uncertainty. yours too, maybe.

what i'm certain for now is that, i'll be pulling my own hair over the next few weeks or so thinking hard how to complete my assignment plus how to get the best grade i can for my upcoming tests. i think i pretty much screwed up all my mid semesters'. this is well the consequence of not taking mid sem tests seriously. like seeeeeeriousssssssly.

forget that.

anyway, september is suppose to be my happiest month isn't it? since it's my birthday. haha don't ask me where did i get this theory from but anyway it's only partially true for me.. it's when most people remember that you exist even.
i think i've yet to thank those who wished me. so thank you so much !!! <3

what else what else.

owh. we've got a visitor here in melbourne with us. unfortunately i don't have pictures to post it up. i shall ask for the pictures soon then. she's madly in love with melbourne's Fredo durian ice-cream. you just have to watch her expression when she first tasted the durian ice cream. it's just terribly hilarious.

it's getting really late and i think i need some sleep. my foot is drivin me crazy. did i tell you i sprained my ankle real bad few days back. it sort of recovered but somehow it's starting to hurt again. am i old or what -__-'

Monday, August 31, 2009

start of...

i know it seems a little too early for a break but i am having my mid semester break now. well it's not exactly going to be a break for me. i don't even know if i can have one full day staying at home just to chill. probably not. since the start of the break i've kept myself relatively busy.
let's see..
i've got my risk management dealing room session from noon till late noon. i absolutely hate that session, i wonder why we have it for 2 consecutive semesters. very sickening group work. worst of all you've to write report after each session. how awesome.
sometimes i really hate group assignments. but on the other hand you know it's a group assignment, it's not going to be one that you can handle everything alone. the thing is when you have members that are cooperative it's perfectly fine, IF NOT....everything's just going to be way harder. argh... *grab and pulls hair*
anyway, never mind that.
oh. i had quite a night on friday would have been perfect if we were a little more organized and it was quite stupid of me not to realize that's going to happen. and so me and my friends have decided to go clubbing since it is my friend's birthday. she loves clubbing and thought it would be a great idea. so we suggested Eve on City Rd. let's cut the long story short...hmm we arrived at probably 11.30 pm or so. well i know it's not a very smart time to be there at that time because you can see the goddamn line outside the club. @.@ worst of all, we're not on guestlist which makes thing way worse...i just wanted to kill myself why had i not thought of putting our names on guestlist earlier. seriously. well it's too late. after waiting for ages..i don't even know how long, my feet starts to feel like jelly. in fact we all felt like jelly already even before getting in. we couldn't wait anymore and just decided to change venue. maybe some pictures outside of Eve?

getting a little impatient hence the puffed up face. kiddin', was just trying to fix my pretty hair clip ^^

can anyone tell me how come the pictures turn out so ugly when i upload it here. i don't want answers like: because you're ugly hence pictures turn out that way! -__-' or because your camera sucks!

anyway back to my little 'adventure'.
we then walked to Fusion in Crown. yes we walked and it was quite a distance i tell you.

well at least it's not another disappointment because at least we manage to get in there without having to wait for a million years.
here are the very few pictures.
i don't know why we turned out to be ghostly white. yea it's not even pale it's white. haha. anyway my friend said i look like a 'present' here because i've got this huge bow on my dress and a cute little bow hair clip. anyway i'm loving bow stuffs these days. they're like my latest obsession.
do re mi....haha.

okay the rest please just go to my facebook and see alright? don't be lazy. ^^ i find it tiring to upload pictures here. or i'm just lazy actually.
hmmph. then saturday morning we went yum cha and had egg tart in box hill. i'm very surprised we could all wake up the next morning after coming back at 5 am. damn it. but actually i was drop dead tired and i felt like i was floating..
after that i just came home and slept till 9 pm. well i slept again not long after of course. there goes my saturday.
sunday...hmmph...what did i do on sunday. i don't know what i did too. i think i just slept through the day. awesome.
me and my housemates were out for breakfast at Balaclava. i don't know why all of a sudden we came up with this plan. usually they're not very keen on waking up early for breakfast. weird one really. and then...we went costco! oh by the way Costco is like Makro in M'sia. okay does Makro even exist anymore back home? i doubt it. we bought like a million toilet paper and kitchen napkins. liquor is pretty cheap there as well so of course we will not miss that out.
so that was basically how i spent the first few days of my break.
i shall be back for quick updates. promise i will not disappear.
gotta run for now. ^^

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

beautiful day. not?

here i am writing a few words.

i sent my Vaio to the workshop for some repair work. T.T let's not talk about it because it is absolutely disheartening. anyhow it's fine for now. just...sigh. it costs some money you know..

it was suppose to be a productive day because i managed to drag myself up at 9 am to bring my laptop back. dash out to grab a decent cup of coffee and head to Chapel St. i thought it was just going to take an hour the most but i took more than that somehow. probably due to my stupidity. whatever.

thing is I just got to know about my Micro2 test yesterday. and when is the test? tomorrow. wow. how great is that. thank god it's just 2 holy chapters. oh's not just few slides. it's like a whole shitloads of graphs am i slacking this semester? let's hope i'm not.

my Lord..i'm feeling so thirsty i feel like i'm going to die. do you know how rare it is for me to feel thirsty. i think i had too much potato chips and biscuits today. i need to stop all these freaking junk. for real this time i will.

oh this morning when i went out,despite the severe weather warning issued these days i thought it was going to be a pretty day. not even a tiny bit of cloud, absolute clear blue sky. well at times you really need to trust weather forecasts. it was pouring as if the sky was going to fall off in the late afternoon..windy? i don't know about that but it should be. how windy was it i don't know.

anyway, what's interesting these days. oh i guess i've had a thing for breakfast out already. i'm actually looking forward to having bigggg breakfast. though it's not something i would want to do everyday. maybe once or twice a week would be great.
i had one during the weekend with momma and kcm. it was lovely ... omg. how can you not love bacon and toast.

i guess just this few words for the night will do.

will be back real soon.

wish me luck for my test tomorrow please. pray hard if you can.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

jelly beans..

love jelly beans? come share with me (while stock lasts). HAHAHA! it has been a long time since i had jelly beans really. minus the time i stole some from momma.
i'm quite fascinated by the fact that jelly beans come in like a million different flavours. and when you shove a few of the different flavoured bean into your gives you a whole new flavour. but the thing's not something you can eat a lot like potato chips (i can definitely eat chips without stopping till my stomach explodes) because you'll feel like throwing up if you had excessive jelly beans intake. sweetness overdose.

omg why on earth am I blogging about jelly beans. i must be crazy.

it might be a long time till the next post. reason being..i think i've mention in the previous post.
my internet quota is almost over. unless i wake up during off-peak hours which is highly unlikely to happen.

oh you know what. i think i'm going to start jogging real soon. my body is not in a very healthy state, just a short distance sprint to catch the tram almost cost me my life. i swear it's serious shit. haha. i could hardly breathe after running plus the fact that my head felt like it was spinning like 'gasing' . short distance i mind you, probably 50 metres or something. let's just hope this time my determination to exercise and hopefully to lose weight would be for real.

alright, till then.

Monday, August 3, 2009

3rd week.

yes! i'm already in my 3rd week of uni. have i even learn anything new? i doubt myself.

good news is, i actually have my notes all well placed in front of my face right now. okay not exactly in front of my face but yea. it's just on my table. whether or not i'll even flip it through will be another question. oh! and i've got another great news internet quota is disappearing real quick and in other words. in a day or two my internet will be as slow as a slowpoke. or worst comes to worst it's just going to stop working. great. great. well of course, with the state of my internet like that i will be an obedient kid for once. i might just sit tight and study. wow..sounds perfect, no?


ah this might be irrelevant to you but it is very relevant to me. i've been following news of dbsk really closely these days that i just wish i can have with me on my phone 24/7.
(ㅠ.ㅠ) it's such a disheartening news but pray hard for me nothing's going to happen to dbsk. i might just die. it really scares the shit out of me and probably a lot others. it's making headlines even in the world business news ; .

omg. why are there so many things that distracts me this semester i don't understand. well at least i think i'm picking up some motivation to study. fuh~ we'll see if that actually lasts.

just a short entry for tonight.


Saturday, July 25, 2009


was feeling really bored. wanted to study, i know it sounds crazy but who knows you might agree with me. at times you feel like studying when seriously there is nothing for you to study. i mean come on, it's just the first week of uni. what do you expect me to study? usually first week stuffs are not quite important. screw it.

sometimes i feel like poking my eyes for staring blankly at my facebook page or on the kpop news page or the almighty youtube. it's crazy i swear. new stuffs doesn't pop out every second on these pages and yet i kept going over and over it. this habit's almost impossible to get rid off.

anyway, since i was really bored. i sort of went back to my old xanga (zest_lime if you can recall) and see what was i up to around this time of the year 3 years back. 3 years..for God's sake..not a short period of time yet not a long one either. what's up around 25th July 2006?

-->form 5 school life , lots of tuition (in other words, lots of fun for me or for us, always filled with laughter even though we should be drop dead tired)
-->i wonder if wai san remembers this period where she had her practical piano exam. weehehe.
-->my extreme obsession over Hero. (i still am highly extremely obsessed with him-it's something that has yet to change even after 3 years..oh no wait..maybe 4)
-->petai..i feel like crying. when can i ever taste petai cooked by Nini's ma again. question is i don't even know where Nini is now.

it kind of brings me back a lot of memories even with just one short post. memories i fear will fade as time pass but it still remains for now, fortunately. memories of how much we enjoy laughing our lungs out in school/tuition/camps. how much we enjoy stopping by each other's class(5v4-5s2) just to say hello.

*deep breath*

can you remember something from 3 years ago? i wonder if 3 years later, can i remember anything significant from my life now.

this post i admit is rather random. forgive me.

ah..i think i need get a good nights' rest. ^^

good night for now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

report to the dance floor~

forgive me for the long disappearance. i swear to God i don't have a lot of pictures to post. and because of that i see no reason updating. haha. that is a very good excuse indeed.
i needed a break so bad and off i went to G.Coast with my mum and aunts. There really isn't much to do in GC if you don't go to theme parks and the reason why i didn't go to theme parks this time is because..i've been to seaworld and movie world already if you can recall, it was 2 years ago? i think.

Brisbane this is. my god for a second i thought it was melbourne...can you see the similarity?

it's not my fault that you cannot see my face in the picture below. face glows in front of the Buddha. wonder it's a place to enrich your spiritual self. anyway...this place is called the Crystal Castle..and no it's not in Brisbane..not in Gold's i don't know where..all i know is it's in North New South Wales. but it really isn't too far from Gold Coast though. it's somewhere on our way to byron bay. will show you what Byron Bay is in a second.

Byron Bay. i think it's probably the main highlight of my trip this time. unfortunately, it was really windy. and you know how annoying wind can be when you want to take a picture. i need to hide at some corner at least to capture a decent picture of me.

my god...blogger is taking its own sweet time uploading pictures. i'm losing my patience soon.

last picture for the day. please forgive me in pyjamas..but my pyjamas are usually very decent. nothing with holes. nothing with terribly-faded-colours. nothing sexy/kinky. just silky. hahaha! silky pants in this case. below is a picture of me chilling on the balcony of the apartment. nice view eh..i think so. and we're top of the box. really cold at night with the wind blowing..fuh~~

*wipe sweat*
why is it a pain in the ass to upload pictures tonight on blogger. it's really crazy. i would love to show you more pictures's taking too bloody long.
so that was my vacation and...i felt refresh after that plus i was pretty satisfied with my result for my previous semester though it wasn't excellent or something. just it's nothing below expectations. however..after uni started on monday. i'm feeling a little feelings. no excitement. no nothing. it's just so empty. the thought of my courses for this semester being such a bore freaks me is seriously very dull. seriouslyyyyyyyyyyy!
*BIG sigh*
sometimes i think i cannot handle stress very well. it feels like there's a need for me to have a clear mind before i do something. it's just the start of semester and i feel like i'm not ready for it. sometimes i tend to worry way too much on certain things that i think it's really important..other times i just put away some things i think it's not important in a small corner of my brains. i mean i have to right? if not? i might just explode.
has it been a long post? i think so...i hope so.
i need to hop on to my bed and start on my book. those looking for some good reads i really recommend Jodi Picoult's. i think her books are really...hmmph how do i portrays somethings in the real world that we may not come across very often but it happens and makes you think for a little.
updates, later.

Monday, July 6, 2009

i'm flyin'''~

yes! i'll be off to Gold Coast in like. 6 hours' time i reckon. i wished i could fall asleep now and wake up at 3.30 am. flight's at 0610. is that like the earliest flight ever. yes it is.
woo..i think i've had some fun already these two days. out with NiQi and momma. oh oh if you would want to see some weirdass/fugly/horritard (these words, cannot be found in the dictionary) pictures of me. you might just wants to hop on to my momma's blog (entry July 4th 2009). ah come on who wouldn't want to see embarassing pictures of others. so please do so i will not stop you from doing that since it really is, pretty entertaining.
yesterday. ah..
had Thai food for dinner. omg who can resist a good bowl of tom yum in this weather. even though you risk having a tomato face right after.

and, who can resist a few spoonful of gelato after a decent meal?
omg yesterday was like a food day or something. but is there such thing as too much good food?
here's me and my lil' brother,Cream. do you think he needs a hair cut? oh you will definitely say a yes if you see his burnt patches. -__-'

sent Ni Qi off to Frankston. wow i've never been that far on a train before. oh i think i did, is Belgrave further or Frankston is? hmmph. need to do some geographical research homework then. I was anticipating the view of beaches on the way to frankston but i only manage to catch a glimpse of that shortly after Bonbeach station. T.T
anyway. i think i'm a little sleepy now and i shall retire to bed. but only 2 hours of sleep?! better than nothing.
good night everyone.

Friday, July 3, 2009


yes my exams are way over. but still sleepless nights almost every night just by the thought of it. okay fine. i was just kidding. though i've not been sleeping well for god knows what reason. it's crazy but since i'm pretty much stress-free now, it doesn't really matter.
i need no concentration. i don't need to use my brains much. i can wake up anytime.

oh. I love NSA-momma? ^^ you asked me to write. so i did.

crap. i think i just embarassed myself. but this is a cut-out from our conversation.

nadia says:
stopped edi what'today oni i made apple tart
to eat

–    ёUʼnìcË ² ??????    — says:
apple tart ok wat
its fucking apple how fattening can it be

nadia says:

–    ёUʼnìcË ² ??????    — says:
owh wow
i didnt know that

nadia says:

–    ёUʼnìcË ² ??????    — says:

nadia says:
apple wor
diu lei chi bai la

i think i'm just being stupid. forgive me. holidays are proven to damage my state of mind.

it has been a week since i finished my last paper. wow. the feeling is just so great. but i think in a week's time, i'll start to shiver again. exam results. wonder how is it going to be. ah i'll be in Gold Coast that time. wow...GC here i come again. haha. it's good to get out from this place for a while i guess. oh yeah, i wouldn't have a computer with me when my results are out. how? plus my results should be out at 9 am. i wonder who's kind enough to wake up and check for me. of course it has to be my housemate. haha. haven't tell her the exact time to check though. she might kill me for asking her to wake that early. she will, really. ㅠ.ㅠ you think you'll be all stress-free after all the crap. but you know, it's just one after another. troublesome. tiresome. if you even have a day of totally-absolutely-stress-free-day. you really need to cherish it.

anyway. i've been reading this book 'A spot of bother' - mark haddon. it's an easy-read. no complications.'s just about George(this old man), who thinks he has got cancer. his family doctor however diagnosed it only as an ezcema. the fact that George did not trust the doctor and followed his own instinct that 'the lesion' on his hip is really cancerous making him slowly fall into depression. He did not want to face the problem. Hence he just made things and people around him more miserable. you been avoiding certain things in your life?

alright. only few more pages to go for me.

good night for now.

updates soon.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i need to focus.

i'm scared. ㅠ.ㅠ

i need to breathe.

i'm so panic.

why? i've been taking exams for the past 20 years(minus 5 maybe) of my life. why the fear now.


Friday, June 19, 2009


For those who wants to 'korbankan' me or would like to turn me into a camel steak.


i'm fat. so if you eat me you know the consequences.

proof that i'm fat --> the screw from my chair comes off every now and then. i'm still waiting for the day that i fall flat off my chair because the screw kept coming off for god's sake. am i too heavy? T_T

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

done with 3.

just one more freaking paper to go. Macroeconomics2.

i want to slack. but i know that is something i cannot afford to do because Macro2 is like seriously a tough nut to crack.


so far exams have been fair. i doubt i'll fail any. but still. sometimes you just cannot make assumptions.

updates later.

gotta run.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

winter! winter!!

may i now declare the official beginning of winter.

taking in the cool crisp chilly air feels so good..but only for a few minutes..after that..when the wind starts blowing right in front of your face slapping against your cheeks. you just want to faint and wished you'd stayed at home hiding under your blanket.

it's 2 a.m now. is 2 am the coldest time of the day? maybe not..but anyway i can hear wind blowing through the window gap. you may find it eerie. but i think it's pretty soothing. i used to find it scary really..

i'm not sleepy surprisingly but i know i need to sleep soon. and i need to wake up early. can't waste much time sleeping. sleep 8 hours. still sleepy. sleep 10 hours. still sleepy. sleep 6 hours. still sleepy. sleep 4 hours. still sleepy.
anyhow i will feel sleepy and the only solution is coffee.

oh. did i tell you i think i have 2 freaking ulcers in my mouth. okay 1 is confirmed ulcer because it's obvious..another..i think i can only confirm it in another 24 hours' time. hurts.
i didn't even enjoy my good plate of Nasi Lemak Kelantan though it was real good. and at least it's something pretty authentic i would say. ikan bilis, my love...sorry i did not enjoy you as much as i'm supposed to...i even teared a little when i had you. because you were salty and you hurt my ulcer so badddd. argh~!!!


i need to rest anyhow after finishing one more tiny part of this lecture note.

so good night people.

Monday, June 8, 2009

good or bad

my internet died since .. day before yesterday. one more week till recovery date.

did it die on purpose so that i can concentrate on my studies more...? perhaps.

but even without it i lose concentration too often. my mind just drifts itself off into space. oh i see stars. oh i see the moon. oh i'm floating.


cut the crap.

there's something that concerns everyone here in melbourne at the moment. the swine head..damn..not swine is swine god. pig head? boar head? okay..anyway,it's the swine flu..seems like the cases are escalating day by day. which is getting pretty scary. maybe it's time to wear a mask when going out? @.@ i'd better stay home.

and i should opt for walking instead of taking public transports. really, i see people sneezing, sniffing or coughing in the trams/trains way too often these days.

oh no. i think i went to a public place just now. and i shouldn't have. grabbed a cup of coffee from starbucks with my housemate. damn..and walked one round in DFO..all of a sudden i felt a need for shopping. but i know this is not the right time.. T.T

enough..enough..back to work.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


i hope you understand my disappearance for <----------------this long ------------------->

sometimes i really want to keep my blog alive but it's just so hard. few times i've opened up the page 'Create Post'. yet there's no updates. really sorry. at times, my mind is pure blank as a result from my lifeless life. at times, i do have the urge to crap some crap but then something comes up and it kind of distracted me. So i just can't be bothered to pen it down anymore. i wonder if you've experienced that. or is it just me that get distracted so easily.

now that Ciara's back to M'sia. There really is nothing i look forward to's back to locking my pitiful self in the room only.

as you know the Exam Craze is here. everyone's going to start mugging and 'eating' up their books. oh wait...the exam craze doesn't apply to everyone. because i knew people who're exceptionally free during this period. hahahaha. plus one having a 4-months-break. jealous... T.T

please God help me get through this...i swear to God i won't swear to God anymore. just help me~!! er...did i just say...okay whatever. really.

at least grant me back my perfect brains cannot function very well with this sick body of mine.

oh did i mention my heart was beating real fast when i went to the clinic today. i was really scared they'll put me under quarantine for swine flu. T.T i'm not acting stupid okay...seriously..almost drop dead because i was kind of panicky. but obviously nothing happened if not i wouldn't be blogging now. just had mild sore throat it seems. but doesn't feel like it's mild... o.O
at least he didn't just ask me to go get panadol or else... i would look like a fool going to the clinic just to get prescription for panadol. -_-'
the thing is i felt so sick after taking the antibiotics..or maybe it's not the antibiotics? don't know. i shall try tomorrow and see what happens.

hmm..maybe i should continue studying. i've been going really slow with reading i just don't understand why. even slower than a slow poke, really. sigh..i need to speed up or else i'll be screwed.

oh i've got a good company with me while studying..there's this korean radio which i can listen online. filled with good old+new kpop. hehe..i wouldn't even want to go to the library to study because of this. ^^

alright..back to my lec notes.

you might have to wait....forever before the next update.

sorry in advance then.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


luck is not with me...huhuhu~

i cannot bloody sign in using my current msn ID.

so. i will temporarily switch to this --> for the time being. pls add me if i've not added you.. i can't afford to add one by one again. T_T you can choose not to add me if you wish to. T_T

i gotta run now.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ya Tuhanku...

have you ever felt like burning your assignment question paper? like seriously.

you know how it feels when;

sometimes when you have tonnes of shit to write on your assignment that you are so worried you will exceed the word limit. there you have to think what shit to write what shit not to. then you start ripping out all your hardwork; word by word, line by line, paragraph by paragraph. how heartbreaking is that.
(then in the end the lecturer/tutor tells you exceeding word limit is not a problem at all when you hand your assignments in. now what? cry and drop dead? no you move on. -_-)
but of course there are some lecturers who meant what they say by word limit. so which ones do you prefer? the ones who doesn't care whether you exceed or not. or those who are firm?

sometimes. you want to do an assignment. but you just cannot ooze a shit out.

the latter one is of my concern now. swear to God i cannot think of a tiny piece of shit.

doomed. how doom.

utterly frustrating.

anyway, those in Aussie land, keep yourselves warm.
those in M'sia, embrace the heat?


good night.

Monday, April 27, 2009

fast & furious~

just came back from a movie and felt like blogging. so i blog.

watched Fast & Furious 4; and the main reason i've been longing to watch is of dbsk's historical song; rising sun is set as the background music for...approximately 20 seconds?!?!?! hell...hahaha. yes just because of the 20 seconds made me want to watch the movie! you must be wondering if i'm mad or whatever but if you think you know me then you should know what kind of fangirl i am. @.@

right now to something more serious. i'm sure you're very well aware of this Swine Flu outbreak thingy which started in Mexico. and now basically everywhere is on alert. okay what if i'm being put into quarantine after this post. that would be real shitty. but anyhow, yes I think i'm down with flu. i mean not yet but i can feel it coming. it has been quite a while(last time was when i was in M'sia) since i last had runny nose. okay now that doesn't sound very 'quite a while' to you does it?? but to me it is, because my 'runny-nose' used to be an avid follower of me before i came over to Aust and i mean it.... T_T

so now. anyone wants to put me in a quarantine box and lock me up? T_T
jokes aside before you really dump me in a quarantine box. uhhh i'm scared.
well the thing is yesterday was really cold. today as well. and the days to come. it's just so sudden. the temperature sure did drop a lot below average. as much as i love the cold chilly weather..i totally dislike the fact that i caught a cold. at least i believed i did because of this wet and cold weather.


fuh..luckily my post wasn't perished in the explosion. okay i exaggerated a little. but just to brief you on what happened a few minutes ago. there was a MINOR explosion in the room next to me. yes my housemates's room. he claimed that he didn't do anything to the adapter and it just exploded 2 inches off his feet. aish...too bad he didn't get burnt get free hair removal when burnt. oh i'm evil. yeah whatever...haha. so so...his adapter 'exploded' and all of a sudden my room became dark..because the electicity current automatically shuts itself off. i was basically screaming away what the fuck just happened. the morale of the story is never use cheap-ass adapters or any form of electrical appliances. -_-'
where was i before?'s time to dig out my winter clothes i reckon. long sleeves. check. coats. check. boots. check. hah! boots! i just bought a goddamn boots...weehehe. the one i mentioned in my previous post. it's just so cute, yes the buttons on the boots..i totally love the buttons

uh. my nose..i need to stop them.

i guess i have to pen off now.

updates, later.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


i can't stop eating junk!

my compulsive-junk-eating disorder is seriously driving me up and down. haha. i just cannot stop stealing chocolate from my housemate and i think i'm going to get kicked out from the house real soon. hahahah! well only joking. nobody would have the heart to kick me out from the house. ^^

Anzac day today. makes me feel like gettin Anzac biscuits to eat. it has been a while since i bought them from Coles supermart. that's like the only biscuit i love. so why hasn't i been getting them? okay. the last time i bought it...fuck that shit. it was not-crunchy! as it should be. you know how biscuits when left open and not put them in airtight container? soggy? i don't know how it turned out like that when the package wasn't open. plus that day i was absolutely starving near midnight time. thought of having a nice midnight bite but turned out... sigh...ended up throwing the whole pack away. wtf. since then i stopped buying them. but probably i'll start getting them again.

was suppose to head out to the market early morning today but noone's going to open for me today since it's Anzac day. argh. it has been a while since i last 'cook'. pretty busy for the past week. assignments..mid sem tests..bla bla. oh my god..i seriously have to pray hard i don't screw my Macro2 up. so so worried. i've been spending my entire week focussing on that and i've basically neglected my QA assignment till the veryyyyy last minute.

bad time management. i know right. as always. but the thing is..i haven't been wasting time as much as i used to. the only thing is i tend to just focus on one subject most of the time.

i think weather's heading for a cool change. i can feel it's getting cold..well this year's autumn is considered pretty warm as compared to last years. no? i'm still thinking whether i should get a heater or not. and i'm considering buying a pair of boots from ugg. but...sigh don't know whether i should or not.

ergh, feeling a bit sleepy now. don't feel like taking nap though. probably i should just go have coffee break.

updates, later.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holidays. not.

I reckon everyone enjoyed their Easter week yeah? or a long weekend for those in M'sia?

Mine was just plain boring. Stuck at home 90% of the time. like seriously. The thing is I have to lock myself in the room because, I have a gazillion assignments waiting for me. and Mid Sem tests coming up as well. All of a sudden i can feel the burden. Was feeling pretty relaxed before this really. The result from procrastinating maybe. I so deserve it right? i cannot deny that too.

anyhow had some great fun on Monday was it? if i'm not mistaken it was monday. ahh. Ice skating. It was such a random idea that me and my freak friends suddenly decided to go ice skating, that shows how bored we were. 3 hours in the ice rink. can u believe it? do you know how painful my body was after all that? in fact i'm still feeling the after effects. i thought i needed a wheelchair yesterday and this morning as well. it's getting slightly better though.

not to be mean or anything but the freakos fell countless times. of course i did, only twice..but it wouldn't have happened if i wasn't being pulled. one was accident another ..sigh someone purposely make me lose balance by pulling my jacket, dirty tricks.. how sick can people be huh? jealous cuz i never fell on my own? hah!

so..there goes my holidays..

oh hell. my head has been throbbing since yesterday afternoon. it keeps coming back and it's crazy annoying.
probably there're just too many things in my mind now.

i think i should sign off now.

updates, soon.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

for a moment.

i almost forgot my blog exist. even my life., not so serious. it's just that i can feel the negative energy all around me? i cannot find a solid reason why i feel so empty these days. come on..give me some positive chi.

absolute boredom.

the typical uni student ramblings on assignments. study. bla bla bla...

holy crap i was having trouble understanding foreign exchange can you believe it. seriously my brains are so rotten. it sounded so confusing to me when it's actually not. and i have this group work thingy tomorrow in which i still have no freaking idea how things work though all i know is that some of us have to act as a bank/financial institution or broker and the rest have to act a corporations. then have to do some foreign exchange activities. hopefully i don't mess things up.
this activity lasts for 4 freaking weeks can you believe it? i really don't understand why we need 4 weeks for this thing. obviously it's not just some random stupid activity because in the end we need to produce a freaking report; of course which is suppose to be our major assignment. T.T

macro2 tutorial tomorrow and i've yet to even look at the damn questions. not entirely my fault. the uni website is freaking down. i can't open a shit. damn. tutor's going to go around asking questions again and i'll probably have to look at him with teary sparkly eyes. only joking...hahaha.


this f.tard laptop is driving me crazy. my room is not peaceful anymore. i still haven't find out which part of it is sick. seriously i don't even know if it's sick or just breathing heavily. can't be bothered until it dies on me. at least it's not laggy if not....hmmph...!

anyway. need to do some reading before i have a good night rest.