Friday, October 9, 2009

am i dreaming?

My lack of updates...sigh.

life can be a little plain at times. there really isn't much these days except trying to be hardworking towards the end of the semester having to fear that you'll miss out something important from lecturers/tutors bla bla...

most should be preparing for their finals already but why..why us eco & fin students still have a million assignments? i'm exaggerating a little here. still. you know how it feels when you're suppose to be preparing for your finals and yet you still have to work your ass off on assignments etc. it's just a pain in the freaking ass.

how i wish i can chill everyday playing cards with crazy friends. but it's not quite fun anymore. since everyone kind of knows i like to cheat. hmmph! i promise i won't cheat anymore.. ㅠ.ㅠ

my evil face.

okay i really shouldn't be thinking of that right now.

i have to focus. focus. focus....... OMG.
nono. it has to be. focus. focus. focus!
@.@ i think i've gone crazy.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

a post specially for you~

Dear readers,

Please do not be surprise i have a same-age-as-i-am-mum. she's my lovely momma. I love her as much as i love my mum i swear, even though she did not give birth to me, and certainly do not resemble each other in any way. ^^ How long has we known each other? i don't know exactly but i knew her existence since i was 7. Probably we became friends at 10?? all i remember was that the KFC her mum sent to school during her birthday and probably having taekwondo lessons together? yeah something like that...we're already 20 now. She's by far the most amusing and humourous person ever and you cannot deny that for real.

Since today is her birthday. I think there is a need for me to reciprocate her love for me as well. As most of you would know she specially dedicated an entry on her blog for me. and i'm just about to do the exact same thing.

few years back when she was in look at her and you go like..oh hell, here comes the leader of the gangter gang. hair pulled back neatly (well at least she tried to make it neat though her hair is really hard to tame). she looked as if she going to sweep you away with her hair~ i'm sorry i really don't have a back view of her ever-famous pony tail. oh i even call that pony tail? more like grizzly bear frizzy hair? okay whatever.

but hey! her hair's pretty great in braids though! look!

that wasn't so bad isn't it?! hahaha~!!! she was 17 then. ey...she doesn't look like a gangster here. sweetheart i would say? but wait till you see the tricycle-puller (penarik beca) her.

always sitting with her leg up as though she's some aunty sitting by the roadside waiting to pick up customers on her tricycle.. -__- omg omg wait..can you see her 'tail'? can see a bit right??

don't you just miss those days where we go to tuition? it's like the funnest thing ever whenever i think back. though i really don't know how we survived going to tuition after a long day in school.

i don't know why she's staring straight at the camera when she's usually camera-shy.

Ma~!!! turn here a bit..please'
'lui ah~ i know you're taking picture..don't ah diu nia ma phccb ah.. ~'

oh did i mention her bad habit of cursing day and night? and i probably got this habit from her too. how awesome.. o.O

again and again...every time showing finger.

haiyo..Ni Qi behind digging nose ah?! no la...diu..scratching a bit only..

oh do you know at once i thought she's going to be as famous as lady gaga..oh wait? okay maybe not lady gaga when we were 17..was there even lady gaga when we were 17?? i thought she was going to set a fashion trend of wearing a combination of 'motorcycle helmet-high school baju kurung white top-with HIGH WASTED BERMUDA PANTS-sneakers'. i swear that was a pair of pants NOT a skirt..I thought that WAS amazingly COOL~! but you better not try that on unless you're a STAR..nobody can pull off that look because it's pretty extreme..except for my me. =)

as time goes by...she decided she wants to be a rockstar thaAdd Imaget she ditched her broom hair and got herself a faux hawk. and now she has one of the coolest hair around. thank god for that really. fuhhh~

cheikk..being mysterious pulak.. though she still gets occasional bad hair days even after her major hair cut...but woui...occasional bad hair days better than daily bad hair days right? adui..

damn cool already la now. even needs to wear the in-fashion-glasses.. going to high end accessories store.. eh elleh...

wow...i really think there are major changes to my momma over the years. as much as she likes to say that to me it applies to her as well. she just doesn't realize it. but one thing for sure, our love for each other..our love for the 'family' will never change yea?!?!

but i'm glad you're still as hilarious as ever...with your exaggerated expressions and stuff..can you see the picture below..i don't even know what's with her and kcm were like completely calm and sane. probably she just wants to show off her high cheek bones.
(-__-' ) it's not very often you can see her cheek bones clearly since she's so freaking chubby.

sorry people, i know i'm like world's worst papparazzi..i don't usually take candid pictures of people..hence there really isn't much i can show you. probably a final picture of hers...momma, i'm sorry i've to do this but since you posted a picture of me is only fair that you have one too. HAHAHAHA~

omg she looks like a fluff ball.

anyway. Happy birthday Momma. what more can i say...i've given you such a long post you must be touched. every minute i fear my internet will die on me because i'm actually out of quota but i still continue...because i know i have to get this done on your birthday. it's the least i could do yea? plus you're not here in melbourne. ㅠ.ㅠ please get me souvenirs..

hope your life will be filled with joy because you truly deserves it. ^^you brought us much fun and happiness and we totally love you for that.. <3>

have a nice day everyone~