Monday, December 21, 2009

million apologies ^^

lazy bugs crawling all over me hence the very late post. oh plus some flu bugs too but i'm very well now.

OH! let me show you pictures throughout my Europe trip..i'll try not to put pictures i have in facebook here or else it would then be meaningless. =.='

1.Paris, France.

Arc de Triomphe was the very first landmark we stopped by in Paris.

it's a shame i didn't take a lot of pictures while cruising along River Seine, only a few very horrible ones because it was drizzling and extremely cold. i chose to stay inside the boat. i think i regret now. wtf.

this was taken from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

2. Mount Titlis-Berne, Switzerland.

oh so beautifulll~ it would have been better if it's covered entirely by snow but it's still early winter T.T

don't you just love chairlifts.. \(^_^)/

my newfound bf? (=_______=')

I shall visit Switzerland again, just a two nights stay in Lucerne is not enough.. T.T i didn't even get to make snow balls.

3. Germany

Rhine Falls. it's suppose to be the largest waterfall in Europe but because it's winter and water flow isn't as strong so it doesn't look like it's a massive one.

we then proceed to a cuckoo clock factory somewhere near the Lake Titisee.

look at the price tag!! Euro 598 for a clock.. T.T but there are cheap ones though..these are REAL cuckoo clocks where battery isn't needed. cheap ones are battery operated. hehe.

Outside of the Chinese Restaurant for dinner. if i'm not mistaken..this was in Heidelberg. can't really remember.. T.T

alright..we shall then proceed to Amsterdam, Holland..

4. Holland

Pretty interesting place i would say. Boat houses floating on river..those houses are real permanent houses with postal addresses. Some looks like fishing boats, some looks livable, some looks luxurious with flat screen TV in it and very pretty interior.

Something veryyy interesting during the night. The famous Red light district. Unfortunately i dare not take any pictures there. What if i accidentally took a photograph of a prostitute? that wouldn't be very nice of me. So I decided to look around, see some girls-behind-the-glass door. Oh! seriously i didn't know prostitution is legal in Holland. for real?? To say the place is scary it's not..the place all light up with colorful fluorescent lights but mainly red. if not..why would they call it red light district huh?

sex museum, anyone? i didn't get in okay...if time permits i would have, but too bad. haha!

last but not least. the famous windmills in Holland..omg they're so pretty~ can i have one like this in my future home.

sigh too bad we were quite late when we reach there due to some closed roads. can't walk till the far end..but anyway i couldn't really stand the wind and the icy cold wind there.

ah ~ another thing is. The hotel we stayed in Holland was fantastic..too fantastic. Name is Fashion Hotel. seriously fashionable.. Glass bathroom.. privacy at all i swear. how do you shower in peace like that? thank god the the toilet room is all closed up if not you can't even shit in peace. (=.=')

last stop before we proceed to London by EuroRail was Brussels, Belgium.

5. Brussels, Belgium.

Atomium~ i don't quite understand this building. do you even call this a building? but anyway there's a cafe at the top of this Atomium. hoho..must be interesting..

i find this thing very weird. it's a little boy pee-ing. wtf right. anyhow it's the famous manneken pis landmark in Brussels.

Next stop.

6. London, UK.

Boarding the Eurorail is a pain in the ass. i almost broke my backbone having to carry heavy suitcases up the train. like seriously.

Didn't tour around London that much actually. Did more shopping than visiting.

I think i need to stop here. or else i might lose my entire entry (@_@)