Saturday, April 24, 2010

irresponsible blogger i am.

i'm such an asss~ yes i completely abandoned my blog for A MONTH.
i can't believe it too. a month doesn't feel like a month really. it feels like, it feels like..a minute? ah stop exaggerating already.

but i mean seriously.

i think i lost the passion for blogging because my life is totally.. pffft. it's just bored-to-the-max and the last thing i want is to drag you into the water. i don't want to invite you into my boring little life here.

not complaining! i'm just saying...there really isn't much happening right now except for the usual uni-home-uni routine.

i just had two mid semesters test during the week. i still have one more to go in week 9. damn. i have both presentation and test in the same week. that's not good~

i'm trying hard NOT to delay my work here. i know procrastination is probably one of my best skills..oh wait. is that even a skill. ZZZzzz.. i'm trying to read read read as many articles as i can and finish up the reading logs for the articles. and also trying to gather up some information for my presentation. oh anyone here who is an anime-freak? because i'm doing research on how Anime has gained its exposure in the West and how it has brought in Asian cultures into the West. So, any ideas at all? Don't ask me why is that my topic because no, i am not a fan of Anime but i guess my partner is so i'll try to do whatever i can.

my friends often ask me, do i regret taking up Modern Asia as my elective? because they usually see me with a pile of readings which are totally unrelated to my course.
Well, sigh...i can't regret now can i? thing is, it really is an interesting subject..and the pressure i have for this elective is very different than the pressure i feel for my core subject. on the other hand it waste wayyyy too much of my time. but i guess i have to blame myself for the delays.

articles, articles and more articles~ @.@

uni's off on monday. it's Anzac day...fuh~ extended weekend. great.

feeling weak this days. and i mean physically weak. i wake up and felt like the world's spinning round and round. i guess i'm having a bit of vertigo. damn. that sounds scary. but it comes and go...


i shall sign off now.