Sunday, November 21, 2010

oh i'm back!

I've no reason, not to update my blog. i have all the time in the world now. great. so i will do that.

maybe i should update a little on my Sydney trip~! (i know this is way overdue but ... )

don't you get all excited traveling with friends seriously. somehow the idea just makes me happy. alright I'm crazy. anyway..I'm not going to go all wordy here because i think i should just caption some pictures instead.

as much as i thought darling harbour does have some resemblance to the southbank promenade in melbourne. something is really missing along the southbank promenade; Hurricane's Grill~! HAHAHA..seriously the thought of it makes me salivate .. and that's why i decided not to post picture of the ribs itself here. not a good idea huh... :P

George St. it's a pity we didn't spend much time strolling along this major street of Sydney..most of the time we just walked right across the street trying to get to somewhere. trying to catch the bus. trying to get to darling harbour. etc etc..but anyway, shopping wasn't on our priority list during the yeah that explains it.

so here's an incident. we (or maybe it was just me..) wanted to go whale watching. so bad. alright. and we were pretty late after lunch. the only option was to get on a speed boat. in fact we were quite indifferent whether we should go whale watching on a damn speed boat after a full on lunch. i mean seriously. but anyhow, we got unlucky, one of the two engine broke down,'s not safe to travel on just one engine for a speed boat it seems. fine. after some discussion, we thought we might return the next morning on a larger boat this we eventually did, which is good. i mean i thought we were going to abandon the plan to whale see, my friends aren't as excited as i was about the whole whale watch thing. i probably think they took pity on me and went with it anyway. so yeah. HAHAHA. ah no, that shouldn't be the case...because we didn't have much left to do anyway. let's just keep it that way..

so, what was my whale watching experience like? first sighting, i only got to see water blowing out from the blowhole. second sighting, i saw the fluke but it was goddamn FAR. few random sightings where whales were just swimming close to the surface but nothing like WOW-OMG-WOW-OMG, nothing of that sort... you get the point. plus it wasn't anywhere near...also it wasn't particularly pleasant towards the end honestly because i got extremely seasick at one point i almost died. never in my life have i been seasick, so this is my first experience. i've always wondered how in the world people get seasick when it's so freaking fun with the boat rocking left right front back. it's like a swing. just on water....alright in my face. people do get seasick. real bad. HAHA. my friend, call her Pav, she actually puked ten times. not even joking. oh crap. little did I know i was the next one. not as serious but still it was hell on water. i was sitting down and suddenly i just need to collapse on someone, so i just leaned against dd. sometimes you just think it can't happen to me but you know, it does. anyway i felt better when i'm back on solid ground. my legs went all wobbly and jelly-like. got much better after having a meal in ChinaTown..yes i still can eat after being so sick. i must be a fat ass. no doubt.

who goes to sydney without having a good look at the Sydney Opera House? well, as majestic as it looks. i wish they can scrub clean the opera house to make it look a little's definitely not as pretty up close. sorry but it's just a thought...HAHA

was trying hard to selca (self cam) using dslr. it's not easy. sigh as much as i think having to carry a dslr is quite fun, but you know when you have to be out the whole day and already tire from all the walking talking carrying clicking whatever it drains and consumes at least part of my energy having to carry an extra 0.5kg. but I'm not going to abandon it just yet. hopefully? ^^""

oh my God. i love decent breakfasts. that was from a cafe, near Manly beach..hmm the crispy bacon!! *screams*
ah...i need to get my ass out here in melbourne for some breakfast. maybe i'll do it tomorrow. yay!

i'm sorry readers but because this is such an overdue post i totally have no idea about the sequence of events which took place. yeah that's what happens when you delay posts.

so yeah it's just a mini post on my Sydney trip. those are just bits and pieces from my trip and i just randomly picked some pictures and work with it. but at least something. i might be the worst blogger out there but you know, i like working at my own pace *winks* (just trying to cover up my laziness...)

please wait for my next post. dolphins watching this time! now this is going to be fun... :D

have a lovely evening everyone.