Thursday, January 22, 2009

too free?

indeed i am.

i've always wanted to change to blogspot because you know, at times human can get easily influenced by others. most of my fellow friends are using blogger by now. once we were all xanga users, now it's time for me to switch and if i'm not mistaken i'm the last person to switch.
-__-'' i'm always the slowpoke. never mind about that.

of course that's not the only reason why i want to switch. Xanga has been driving me pretty insane these days. really slow. don't blame me for abandoning my Xanga because at times it frusfrates me lot when it gets stuck when opening the 'New Entry' page. argh.

guess what. i woke up pretty early this morning.

the first thing i heard from my mum was that she's having Measles?? can you believe it? seriously it scares the hell out of me because it is highly contagious, and in other words i might get it because i've never had Measles before in my life. As you know, one can only get Measles once in a lifetime. o.O really thinking of running away but anyway it's too late. i might be infected already if it's really Measles. but i remember i had vaccination before for measles, but just couldn't remember when was it? but anyhow, mum went to another doctor and another doctor said it doesn't appear to be Measles but Dengue instead. -_-' what's with all these doctors. can't they tell what is what. well at least if it's Dengue it's not contagious. just have to wait for the results what on earth is it.

now now, i'm bored.

so, i shall watch some tv.


YES! I am. as you can see i kind of abandon my xanga site for quite some time. probably a waste of time for you to read my post on xanga these days.

but sad to say my nonsense will continue here in Blogspot. i'm sure there are times when you feel you'll just go blog-hopping here and there to fill up your time. whether or not those blogs are nonsensical or not. at least they keep you occupied for a few seconds if not minutes. yeah?

how have i been for the past few days? very well i reckon. except for a few sneezing here and there. plus definitely not lack of sleep because my mum forced me to sleep every minute especially after i sneezed a couple of times. she assumes my immune system is deteriorating, in a way it might be true.

oh before that. did i tell you my brief trip to Penang with kcm, momma and rach? thanks for bringing me there and not let me rot to death. hahaha. really enjoyed the eating part. ^^ please forgive me if i said the best part of the trip is eating. although most of them weren't very fond of the sucky food. shit how come Penang has sucky food??anyhow, i still enjoyed it. even after being forced to chomp down LaLas in which i usually do not eat. why is that day an exception. haha. ask someone.

hmm hmmm.

anyway my due-time is up.

i shall post a new post as soon as i'm in the mood alright?

ah. getting sleepy as well.

have a good night.