Sunday, April 3, 2011

end of daylight savings!

there goes another week.

I've been trying really hard to organize my time properly, making no excuses for me to procrastinate unnecessarily. so i just downloaded this clever application called 'evernote' .. i bet if i can really be a little more disciplined i can do my work pretty well. let's just hope this little application helps. it syncs from my laptop to my phone and vice versa. pretty convenient if you ask me. oh gosh...feels like i'm advertising/endorsing evernote (ㅠ_ㅠ|)

i hate it when i start losing my focal point at times. not that I'm usually a very well focused person, but i'm more of a rational person i guess. this is not a self praise alright, because i don't even know if that's even a favorable attribute. thinking too much, while trying to make some sense out of certain situation can drive anyone crazy.
so more often than not there are people who will act without torturing their brains. and there are people who would rather be stuck in their own little world, not wanting to make the next move unless they find some logic out of it. former or latter, which one are you?

ah right. went to a booze cruise on Thursday night. it was pretty fun, after all it has been really long since all of us have a chance to go out together. The idea of fun doesn't come from the party itself...for me it's the people i'm out with..
but something really bizarre happened on the cruise, thing is i wasn't there at the scene because i was out on the side deck chilling. apparently someone farted and it grossed the crap out of everyone. and worst, those who were happily eating the delicious pizza just have a sudden urge to throw up. can't imagine...ergh.

so, it's going to be a quick update. well since daylight savings is ending, i just thought of spending a bit of time blogging. you know, there's well sort of 'an hour extra' in a day..