Saturday, December 4, 2010

sometimes when asked of what sports do i play. i have to pause for a little while to think what sports in the world can i actually do. alright ten years ago, seriously i'll just say badminton without hesitation. now, i don't think i can even hold a badminton racquet right. five years ago i would say swimming. now, i bet i can still say swimming but unfortunately it is not something i do very often now so obviously everything goes really awkward after being on a long hiatus. i need to start getting active seriously. i feel like i'm going to die real young. *touch wood!* plus i sit in front of the computer for far too long. this is abnormal and it's really bad. i know.

so 2 weeks ago? i went snorkeling with nsa and kcm. YAY for that~! where was it? see when things are overdue you just have to think real hard to retrieve the information. oh..Queenscliff that is. had a short drive there from Melb CBD.

the awesome one! weehehehehe....

well, it wasn't that short in fact we were running a little late..lucky enough the boat didn't leave us behind! kidding~ i mean the preparation before getting on the boat is rather tedious. have to try on jumpsuit, flippers (omg kcm and I needed kid-sized flippers..! yay to small feet =.=") and for me, prescriptive goggles. hah!

front deck of the boat! so awesomeeee~

they left me struggling for minutes to grab the snorkel gears. (ㅠ.ㅠ) you know the boat is rocking, I'm not tall plus it was stuck.

getting in the water at first was really. oh. my. gosh. it was cold. and i was so uncomfortable with the damn flippers. i don't know how to swim with it. i lost my flexibility to move and turn around. it doesn't help going against the water current. it felt more like a burden for the first ten minutes at least. but it was alright after that. fuhhh~

first stop was at this Popes Eye (don't ask me what's with the name i don't know?) shallow marine park. it's almost like a horse-shoe-shaped-fortress. well it wasn't that shallow but hell, it smells like hell. i just hope hell doesn't smell like that. HAHAHA. holy crap i don't even know what's with the strong smell.'s okay. once the snorkel gear is on, we breathe through the mouth. alright..doesn't sound too pleasant but still. you sort of forget the fact that the smell is there, just because you're now breathing through your mouth, it's all good. relax. anyway, all i see in this marine park was..seaweed/kelps/algae?! whatever you call them. loads. tonnes of them. it's like a forest of kelps? good dose of iodine there i guess. honestly i wasn't paying much attention to the fishes, the kelps were so distracting i feel like chopping them off...i don't know? sorry but I absolutely cannot identify some of the pretty fishes. that's a shame.

Next! please embrace yourselves for another stinky as hell destination; Chinaman's Hat. ah..should have took pictures here, why didn't I? i must be so overwhelmed by the smell. sorry my lovely fur seals, i really wanted to take pictures of you bunch, but you smell so bad i just totally forgot about the existence of my camera at that time. for my reader's sake. bear with me because I'll then have to pick a picture from Google to show you what in the world Chinaman's Hat is.

best picture from Google of Chinaman's Hat @ Port Philip. I really would love to say I love love love swimming with them but..that's not particularly the case because i totally almost peed in my wetsuit when one swam right beneath me at a distance of no more than 5 meters i swear. you know, i love animals alright. but the thing is when I'm this close I don't feel good because it's like me trespassing their territory and I know they have every right to bite/nose punch/fin slap/kill or do whatever they want to me. like it or not, there it was in the news just few days ago these seals bit the crap out of some tourists. but anyway, it was quite an experience..!

now on our way to meet and greet the dolphins! it was quite a journey so we tried out some random activity. nsa tried it out first because we both were reluctant to go.

but we tried it after much persuasion. HAHAHA. we're totally nuts. it was good, it feels like a massive bubbly water spa. Then after that was the interesting part, yet the most torturous part. i'm not going to elaborate further because i don't know how to describe the 'process' of being pulled by a boat-having to hold on tight to a bloody rope as if my life will perish if i accidentally let my hands slip off the rope. great. later that night. my arms were totally oh crap, even words cannot describe how intense the pain was. not exaggerating. anyway back to the dolphins..

oh my god, why are they so cute?! why are they so sleek?! so graceful. so intelligent. so joyful. so free. impressively beautiful mammals..please give them much love.

'The Wildlife of today is not ours to dispose of as we please. We have it in trust, and must account for it to those who come after'
-King George VI of England.

i guess i did well for tonight's post. it's 2.15 am and i shall really hop onto my bed.