Sunday, March 10, 2013


I was intrigued by a question raised. However, I will not specify the details of the question but I will put it in general terms.

"why do we act in assertiveness towards something we know that it's against the morality of humankind?"

with the complexity of our brains. we should be able to make sound decisions and execute actions only after thorough thoughts. again, 'should', I emphasize.


What is the main driver in place when we engage in certain decision-making?

Given a scenario, why do people choose to smoke in the first place when they already know the consequences? it affects their own health, it affects the people around them, it serves no purpose (no, it does not relieve stress. so smokers, do not kid yourselves), it's a waste of money, it stinks, it pollutes (oh dear God the cigarette butts all over) etc.

I would say external factors are so important as to how we react. The people around us, the pressure we take in everyday, the fear we live in, judgements (while most of us only show the world what we want to portray, not exactly who we genuinely are, how convenient is that art yes?)

Have you ever had a major issue with being irrational? Have you ever acted against the principle of moralities?

I am almost certain you have.

Hmmm...let's have some time alone to figure this out.

Until then.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Start of a brand new year.

I wonder if anyone will ever drop by this cyber space of mine. that's right. 10 months. I left this blog deserted for almost a year. Isn't it sad? 

How much have I grown over the past year? I seek an answer to this question. Year after year has gone by *Swooooosh*Snap* just like that. At times I doubt my strength and ability to adapt to changes. Maybe I am just slow, slow at gaining momentum. It's time to wake up to my senses that I am no longer a mere student with minimal responsibilities. I am still a student, not academically but we are all in the process of learning no matter what, yes? 

Changes are constantly happening around us whether we are aware or not. Transition period in life is no doubt unavoidable. There's one thing I wish I can really push myself to do is to step out of my comfort zone. 

What I hope remains unchanged though, is friendship. I remember reading somewhere 'friends are family we choose in life'. And at this point in life, I am more than grateful for the family I chose to be with. 

“Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected.” 

Till I pick up the kick to blog again,

Have a great great year ahead you!