Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's welcome 2012~!

Hands of the clock will always continue to tick.

This year has been fair to me. I know I'm in no position to neither complain nor dwell on anything. ;)

I just have to be grateful for everything and everyone. I'll try not to take anything for granted...even though at times it's so hard to constantly keep that in mind.

Wonder what's 2012 going to bring me. Nothing's certain. Shall anticipate.

The road ahead will not be easy. In hindsight we almost always think everything we used to face was no big deal, but that's just because time managed to neutralize everything. At that point in time, it was never easy. It's just that we've overcame the matter and that it no longer poses any risk of uncertainty.

"You may have an iPhone running on OS 5, but you have a brain that’s barely running on Version 1.21" - Tim Brownson

So I guess we should realize at times we do have our limits...just keep calm, stay optimistic and everything shall work out piece by piece, hopefully.

Have a joyful year ahead everyone~!