Friday, July 3, 2009


yes my exams are way over. but still sleepless nights almost every night just by the thought of it. okay fine. i was just kidding. though i've not been sleeping well for god knows what reason. it's crazy but since i'm pretty much stress-free now, it doesn't really matter.
i need no concentration. i don't need to use my brains much. i can wake up anytime.

oh. I love NSA-momma? ^^ you asked me to write. so i did.

crap. i think i just embarassed myself. but this is a cut-out from our conversation.

nadia says:
stopped edi what'today oni i made apple tart
to eat

–    ёUʼnìcË ² ??????    — says:
apple tart ok wat
its fucking apple how fattening can it be

nadia says:

–    ёUʼnìcË ² ??????    — says:
owh wow
i didnt know that

nadia says:

–    ёUʼnìcË ² ??????    — says:

nadia says:
apple wor
diu lei chi bai la

i think i'm just being stupid. forgive me. holidays are proven to damage my state of mind.

it has been a week since i finished my last paper. wow. the feeling is just so great. but i think in a week's time, i'll start to shiver again. exam results. wonder how is it going to be. ah i'll be in Gold Coast that time. wow...GC here i come again. haha. it's good to get out from this place for a while i guess. oh yeah, i wouldn't have a computer with me when my results are out. how? plus my results should be out at 9 am. i wonder who's kind enough to wake up and check for me. of course it has to be my housemate. haha. haven't tell her the exact time to check though. she might kill me for asking her to wake that early. she will, really. ㅠ.ㅠ you think you'll be all stress-free after all the crap. but you know, it's just one after another. troublesome. tiresome. if you even have a day of totally-absolutely-stress-free-day. you really need to cherish it.

anyway. i've been reading this book 'A spot of bother' - mark haddon. it's an easy-read. no complications.'s just about George(this old man), who thinks he has got cancer. his family doctor however diagnosed it only as an ezcema. the fact that George did not trust the doctor and followed his own instinct that 'the lesion' on his hip is really cancerous making him slowly fall into depression. He did not want to face the problem. Hence he just made things and people around him more miserable. you been avoiding certain things in your life?

alright. only few more pages to go for me.

good night for now.

updates soon.

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