Monday, July 6, 2009

i'm flyin'''~

yes! i'll be off to Gold Coast in like. 6 hours' time i reckon. i wished i could fall asleep now and wake up at 3.30 am. flight's at 0610. is that like the earliest flight ever. yes it is.
woo..i think i've had some fun already these two days. out with NiQi and momma. oh oh if you would want to see some weirdass/fugly/horritard (these words, cannot be found in the dictionary) pictures of me. you might just wants to hop on to my momma's blog (entry July 4th 2009). ah come on who wouldn't want to see embarassing pictures of others. so please do so i will not stop you from doing that since it really is, pretty entertaining.
yesterday. ah..
had Thai food for dinner. omg who can resist a good bowl of tom yum in this weather. even though you risk having a tomato face right after.

and, who can resist a few spoonful of gelato after a decent meal?
omg yesterday was like a food day or something. but is there such thing as too much good food?
here's me and my lil' brother,Cream. do you think he needs a hair cut? oh you will definitely say a yes if you see his burnt patches. -__-'

sent Ni Qi off to Frankston. wow i've never been that far on a train before. oh i think i did, is Belgrave further or Frankston is? hmmph. need to do some geographical research homework then. I was anticipating the view of beaches on the way to frankston but i only manage to catch a glimpse of that shortly after Bonbeach station. T.T
anyway. i think i'm a little sleepy now and i shall retire to bed. but only 2 hours of sleep?! better than nothing.
good night everyone.

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