Wednesday, July 22, 2009

report to the dance floor~

forgive me for the long disappearance. i swear to God i don't have a lot of pictures to post. and because of that i see no reason updating. haha. that is a very good excuse indeed.
i needed a break so bad and off i went to G.Coast with my mum and aunts. There really isn't much to do in GC if you don't go to theme parks and the reason why i didn't go to theme parks this time is because..i've been to seaworld and movie world already if you can recall, it was 2 years ago? i think.

Brisbane this is. my god for a second i thought it was melbourne...can you see the similarity?

it's not my fault that you cannot see my face in the picture below. face glows in front of the Buddha. wonder it's a place to enrich your spiritual self. anyway...this place is called the Crystal Castle..and no it's not in Brisbane..not in Gold's i don't know where..all i know is it's in North New South Wales. but it really isn't too far from Gold Coast though. it's somewhere on our way to byron bay. will show you what Byron Bay is in a second.

Byron Bay. i think it's probably the main highlight of my trip this time. unfortunately, it was really windy. and you know how annoying wind can be when you want to take a picture. i need to hide at some corner at least to capture a decent picture of me.

my god...blogger is taking its own sweet time uploading pictures. i'm losing my patience soon.

last picture for the day. please forgive me in pyjamas..but my pyjamas are usually very decent. nothing with holes. nothing with terribly-faded-colours. nothing sexy/kinky. just silky. hahaha! silky pants in this case. below is a picture of me chilling on the balcony of the apartment. nice view eh..i think so. and we're top of the box. really cold at night with the wind blowing..fuh~~

*wipe sweat*
why is it a pain in the ass to upload pictures tonight on blogger. it's really crazy. i would love to show you more pictures's taking too bloody long.
so that was my vacation and...i felt refresh after that plus i was pretty satisfied with my result for my previous semester though it wasn't excellent or something. just it's nothing below expectations. however..after uni started on monday. i'm feeling a little feelings. no excitement. no nothing. it's just so empty. the thought of my courses for this semester being such a bore freaks me is seriously very dull. seriouslyyyyyyyyyyy!
*BIG sigh*
sometimes i think i cannot handle stress very well. it feels like there's a need for me to have a clear mind before i do something. it's just the start of semester and i feel like i'm not ready for it. sometimes i tend to worry way too much on certain things that i think it's really important..other times i just put away some things i think it's not important in a small corner of my brains. i mean i have to right? if not? i might just explode.
has it been a long post? i think so...i hope so.
i need to hop on to my bed and start on my book. those looking for some good reads i really recommend Jodi Picoult's. i think her books are really...hmmph how do i portrays somethings in the real world that we may not come across very often but it happens and makes you think for a little.
updates, later.

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