Tuesday, June 2, 2009


i hope you understand my disappearance for <----------------this long ------------------->

sometimes i really want to keep my blog alive but it's just so hard. few times i've opened up the page 'Create Post'. yet there's no updates. really sorry. at times, my mind is pure blank as a result from my lifeless life. at times, i do have the urge to crap some crap but then something comes up and it kind of distracted me. So i just can't be bothered to pen it down anymore. i wonder if you've experienced that. or is it just me that get distracted so easily.

now that Ciara's back to M'sia. There really is nothing i look forward to anymore...life's back to locking my pitiful self in the room only.

as you know the Exam Craze is here. everyone's going to start mugging and 'eating' up their books. oh wait...the exam craze doesn't apply to everyone. because i knew people who're exceptionally free during this period. hahahaha. plus one having a 4-months-break. owh..so jealous... T.T

please God help me get through this...i swear to God i won't swear to God anymore. just help me~!! er...did i just say...okay whatever. really.

at least grant me back my perfect health...my brains cannot function very well with this sick body of mine.

oh did i mention my heart was beating real fast when i went to the clinic today. i was really scared they'll put me under quarantine for swine flu. T.T i'm not acting stupid okay...seriously..almost drop dead because i was kind of panicky. but obviously nothing happened if not i wouldn't be blogging now. just had mild sore throat it seems. but doesn't feel like it's mild... o.O
at least he didn't just ask me to go get panadol or else... i would look like a fool going to the clinic just to get prescription for panadol. -_-'
the thing is i felt so sick after taking the antibiotics..or maybe it's not the antibiotics? don't know. i shall try tomorrow and see what happens.

hmm..maybe i should continue studying. i've been going really slow with reading i just don't understand why. even slower than a slow poke, really. sigh..i need to speed up or else i'll be screwed.

oh i've got a good company with me while studying..there's this korean radio which i can listen online. filled with good old+new kpop. hehe..i wouldn't even want to go to the library to study because of this. ^^

alright..back to my lec notes.

you might have to wait....forever before the next update.

sorry in advance then.

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