Friday, February 20, 2009


omg. i'm so sleepy. why cuz i woke up early today.

omg. i'm so full. cuz i ate dumplings for lunch/dinner. and i had chocolate drink as dessert. hell is it dessert or desert? sorry bad english.

omg. i'm so hot. i mean, warm weather. not feeling sexy.

omg. i nearly died in school today because i've to look for my course co-ordinator to discuss about my timetable.

omg. i just want to kill myself looking at my sucky yucky holy effing shitty timetable. as i don't have a day off. NONE!

omg. i need to run 5-6 blocks on fridays when class commences. need i elaborate on this? you can just entertain youselves by watching a comic strip of me as a summary. go here.

omg. i'm so shocked by what momma did.

omg. i'm red. i need to stop alcohols from entering my body. not even a half bottle of heineken.

omg. i can't fall asleep these days within a few minutes during the night. i need to see a sleep doctor soon. because this is so not me.

omg. what am i going to do for the week coming week since class haven't commence yet.

omg. what am i going to do with my pimply face.

omg. i'm addicted to Ellen Degeneres show.

omg. now i'm in the mood to read my book, eclipse.

omg. i gotta run now.

omg. have a pleasant flight/night.

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