Saturday, April 25, 2009


i can't stop eating junk!

my compulsive-junk-eating disorder is seriously driving me up and down. haha. i just cannot stop stealing chocolate from my housemate and i think i'm going to get kicked out from the house real soon. hahahah! well only joking. nobody would have the heart to kick me out from the house. ^^

Anzac day today. makes me feel like gettin Anzac biscuits to eat. it has been a while since i bought them from Coles supermart. that's like the only biscuit i love. so why hasn't i been getting them? okay. the last time i bought it...fuck that shit. it was not-crunchy! as it should be. you know how biscuits when left open and not put them in airtight container? soggy? i don't know how it turned out like that when the package wasn't open. plus that day i was absolutely starving near midnight time. thought of having a nice midnight bite but turned out... sigh...ended up throwing the whole pack away. wtf. since then i stopped buying them. but probably i'll start getting them again.

was suppose to head out to the market early morning today but noone's going to open for me today since it's Anzac day. argh. it has been a while since i last 'cook'. pretty busy for the past week. assignments..mid sem tests..bla bla. oh my god..i seriously have to pray hard i don't screw my Macro2 up. so so worried. i've been spending my entire week focussing on that and i've basically neglected my QA assignment till the veryyyyy last minute.

bad time management. i know right. as always. but the thing is..i haven't been wasting time as much as i used to. the only thing is i tend to just focus on one subject most of the time.

i think weather's heading for a cool change. i can feel it's getting cold..well this year's autumn is considered pretty warm as compared to last years. no? i'm still thinking whether i should get a heater or not. and i'm considering buying a pair of boots from ugg. but...sigh don't know whether i should or not.

ergh, feeling a bit sleepy now. don't feel like taking nap though. probably i should just go have coffee break.

updates, later.

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